Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Measure Your Body

It’s very common among fitness companies to take measurements and weigh their clients on a regular basis.  The thinking process is something like this, “If I can show my clients thru hard data that they are reducing their waistline, increasing their muscle size, and/or reducing their body fat percentage they will stick with my program.”  For most gym or fitness company owners this is what the concept of “retention” looks like to them.  Is it right?  Is it wrong?  

Well it's kinda both but, I like to think we're better off knowing that our commitment isn’t just a passing phase or a band-aid to less tangible injuries in our lives that we aren’t treating.  A good looking body is what I'd refer to as a "nice to have" but, what about the rest of you?

When you hear many fitness companies talk about “Accomplishing your goals” the focus is often on the body.  The logic they use is understandable, that if you can change things about your body you will in-turn see a change in your confidence, your relationships and your other challenges in life.  That’s pretty aspirational isn’t it??  I mean sure there’s correlation between all those parts of life but a nice body being a cause of all your happiness???  

What most people don’t realize is a problem with body image is an effect, not a cause of suffering.  Motiv8 wants you to become strong, healthy and resilient in all parts of your life.    

That's why I'm telling you this: YOU ARE beautiful!  NOW!  Not after a few lbs are lost, or when you get a certain measurement or when you can fit into a certain dress.  NOW!

When we focus just on the body, we’re focused on WHAT we want (an attractive physique) but there’s so much more substance in WHO we want to be.  Knowing how to answer that gives you purpose!

So do I want an attractive body or a purpose built body?  I used to think the former but I’ve found throughout my years in fitness and running that it’s the latter!  Because my focus has completely turned away from all the things about my body I don’t like to all the things about my body that give me power to do what I want to do!

Sure they both get you attention but, one comes with all these other benefits too: 
  •        Confidence
  •        A sense of achievement
  •        Triumph over adversity
  •        Character building
  •        Respect

You know what else this focus has done?  Those things that used to bother me about my body have mostly gone away like they never did when all I could think about is what I “needed to lose”. 

We talk a lot at Motiv8 about finding out WHO you want to be.  That has REAL purpose!  The reason we ask this question isn’t to get all philosophical and make you re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life but, we HAVE found for some of you that becomes part of your answer!

Knowing WHO you want to be is a way to help illustrate a vision for yourself as you go thru a process to change your daily habits and behaviors.  That’s where TRUE change is made and you transform into a different person with new goals, new perspectives on life and a real sense of confidence in going after what you want.  This becomes your daily driver for success; in your exercise habits, in your food habits and in your mental health habits.  It helps you reach your TRUE potential!

Think about WHO you want to be, let it be the PURPOSE that drives you to make your SETs every day, to make wise food choices, to treat people in your life with love and respect…the WHAT falls into place when you focus on habits that serve your purpose!

Who do YOU want to be?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Meditate & Some Super Healthy Recipes!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here with another great tip from the Motiv8 Team.  It has been a while since our last post so I'll try to keep this one short.  So sit back for a few minutes and let me give you some helpful tips to help you on your journey to becoming a fitter, healthier, and a happier Motiv8er.  =)

Ok, lets get started.

Motiv8ers have you started on the Recovery Challenge yet? 

Have you gotten an accountability buddy?

Are you focusing and trying to adopt a few things that you have had trouble with in the past? 

Motiv8ers if you have forgotten what the Recovery Challenge is then bug me, or your coach, and we can send it to you real quick.

Well, I have been really focusing on two things this week for the Recovery Challenge.  And I really want to share those with you today.


The first thing I am trying to do this week, and the next, is to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day.  Motiv8ers Meditation is a tool that everyone should have in their life. The mind is so powerful but if you don't spend a little time taking care of it each day, and finding time to spend time with yourself, you might find yourself becoming one big ball of stress and negativity with out even realizing it.

What do I mean by this? Well Meditation isn't about calming the mind it is about learning how to manage your thoughts.  Thoughts will always be in your mind but through meditation you can learn how to stay focused on what is important and not allow negative thoughts to take control. Watch this one minute video to get a better perspective.

That is a different way of thinking about it right? If you can learn how to observe your thoughts then negative thoughts wont plague your mind as bad.  Then you will find yourself learning how to be happier, have better focus, treat others better, keep anger under control, and be a much more positive person.  Pretty cool right.

Ok next let me give you a tool to help you get started. I like to use the program called HeadSpace.  It is a free App for any phone and it is guided meditation practice.  The free version has ten 10 minute guided meditation sessions that will help you get started.  Trust me it has helped me and is awesome.  I use it almost every day.  All you need is only ten minutes and a comfortable place to sit. Check out their website here HeadSpace.  Lastly check out a video from HeadSpace to learn how to get started with Meditation.

Alright Motiv8ers now that you have some HeadSpace let me tell you about my second focus!!!

#2  Sending All of You Some Cool RECIPES!!!!

Look Motiv8ers I get it.  It is really hard to eat healthy when the bad stuff is so easy to get.  Well I am here to help you fight that fight.  

The past couple of weeks and months I have been preaching that in order to be healthy and strong you have to have the whole food nutrition. CONSISTENTLY. No processed food.  If the Earth made it eat it. If man made it get rid of it.  In order to heal your body correctly and get it to heal fast you have to feed your body the food it was designed to it.

But here is the problem.  Pizza, lasagna, quesadillas, hamburgers, Mexican food, etc. is so tasty and no matter how strong your will power is you will give in at some point.  So I have excepted the challenge.  For the rest of this month my goal is to find recipes of your favorite dishes that we all know is so bad for you and help you find a really healthy substitute.  And below I have your first two ready to go.  I have tried the quesadillas and they are so magical and super easy to make.  The Lasagna I plan on trying out a little later this week.  Click on their names to see the recipes.

Motiv8ers these first two recipes are vegan, no oil, Low fat, vegetable based, and loaded with a ton of nutrients that your body needs.  And as you can see I really love Sweet potatoes.  =)  I will be having more recipes on their way in future blogs posts.  In the meantime check these out and let me know how you liked them in the comments below.  And let me know if you like the recipe idea as well.

Motiv8ers Stay EPIC and Don't Forget To Be AWESOME!!!

Take action on the tips above and recipes and be Great this week!

Coach Ty Out!