Monday, February 29, 2016

What Our Motiv8ers Are Up To!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here with a quick update on how friggin' awesome all of you are.  We had a ton of stuff happen over this weekend--a great reminder of how amazing the community we are building has become.  Crew, if you have been looking for a support group to help you become a better person, a stronger person, or a place to meet some really cool people, then Motiv8 is that place.  Just check out everything that happened this weekend!

First, let's start with two amazing Motiv8ers who conquered their races this weekend!

Kati Walsh from the 6pm Dick Nichols Park SET finished her first ever Half Marathon at the Cowtown Half Marathon!  You are amazing Kati!

Next, we must congratulate Stacey Mason from the 5pm Zilker Park SET.  If you know Stacey, you already know she's inspiring.  This Motiv8er runs a marathon or ultra marathon almost once or twice a month.  Ridiculous!  Though, she has never qualified for the Boston Marathon... UNTIL NOW!  Yesterday, Stacey pulled off her very first BQ with 4 minutes to spare.  Congrats Stacey!

Second, on Saturday, for the first time Motiv8 held two Saturday SETS.  A huge shout out to all of you for coming out to support.  Both workouts had a great showing of Motiv8ers and that is what we needed.  Our main goal for the North SET this past Saturday was to get the word out to the surrounding community that we're here!  Thank you, Crew!  Ramsey SETs will always be a go.  We will keep you posted on other future Saturday workout locations.

North Crew!

Ramsey Crew throwing down.

Third, on Sunday the Motiv8 Running Crew met at Walnut Creek to practice for the upcoming Rogue Series race The Maze.  They had a great time and that trail was gorgeous.  More running group runs happening next weekend.  Be checking the emails, Facebook, and this blog for updates.  You can check out the Motiv8 Running Facebook page here.

Last thing, don't forget that Motiv8 has a huge goal to Motiv8 100 New Motiv8ers over the next 30 days.  We are working our butts off to make this happen and you can help by bringing out a buddy.  Bug your friends and let them know we are offering one free week to everyone who comes check us out over these 30 days.  Many of you have already brought out a buddy and we thank you. If you do bring a buddy, take a pic with them and post up on Facebook and tag #motiv8hf.  Be sure to check into Motiv8 Health & Fitness as well.  Throughout this challenge, we will be giving away prizes to the most Motiv8ing pics!  Check out a few pics below.

Crew, that is all for today.  Keep being EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!

Motiv8 Your Buddies!

Bug us if you need anything!

Never Miss a Motiv8 Monday.

Coach Ty out!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Motiv8's 30 Day Challenge!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here again.  Hope your weekend was amazing.

As many of you know Motiv8 has a huge goal and I wanted to use the Motiv8 Blog as a place where you can go to get updated on that goal.  Below are the details and how you can help as well.  Check it out.


We need your help with a very important goal.  Motiv8 wants to Motiv8 100 new people in the next 30 days.  Your challenge will be finding as many friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers to bring to S.E.T.

You can offer them one free week of Motiv8 Workouts to get them Motiv8ed. No sign up! Just tell them to come on out. They can attend one day or the whole week. We want to call that week Buddy Week! Remember every person you refer that signs up full-time gets you a free month!

During Buddy Week, we encourage you to take a fun picture with your buddy and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #motiv8hf. We will keep you updated weekly with our progress and be giving away fun prizes for the best Buddy Week pics. Maybe you'll win that new mat you have been putting off buying or the heavier dumbbells you've been thinking about. Our goal is to Motiv8 Austin one person at a time and help people become amazingly fit and healthy. We have one huge goal, but with your help it can definitely become a reality.
Crew the Motiv8 Team is working their butts off to help you become crazy fit, healthy, and have one amazing experience.   We Believe in Motiv8 so much and Thank you for all of your support.

Last Thing check out this crazy Motiv8ing video from Steve Harvey.  I got Goose bumps from watching this video and then got crazy motiv8ed to conquer my dreams.  Highly recommend watching it.

Keep Motiv8ing everyday Crew!
Stay EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!
Coach Ty Out! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Coach Billy's 100 Mile Race Report!

Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report -- A First Time 100 Mile Story
by Coach Billy Satterwhite

2015 was a great year of running with some really big runs and new milestones. On somewhat of a whim I decided I was ready to go after my dream of running 100 miles. It was mid-December 2015 and Rocky Raccoon 100 was coming up on February 6, 2016. I had a solid base in my legs and I had a few good weeks left to train and put in some big back-to-back long runs. The training went great, my body felt great, and when the race came around I was excited and ready to go. The day went as follows….

I woke up Saturday morning to a heavy but short-lived thunderstorm. It invigorated me and added a feeling of toughness to my pre-race morning routine and had the added bonus of packing the dusty trails down. I went through my usual pre-race routine.  First a cup of coffee, then a Larabar, a banana or 2, and whatever else will digest easy. I feel pretty good if I can get about 500-600 calories in.

After walking a mile from our campsite, I arrived at the starting line with my parents and my wife, Kat, around 5:50am.  The energy and excitement was amazing! There were a few hundred runners, which is quite large for a 100 mile race. I went to set down my drop bag when Kat asked me about the timing chip that goes around my ankle, and I realized I left it in my tent… a mile away! My first hundred miler, I wanted to savor the start and the atmosphere before setting out, but instead I would have to run an extremely fast two miles if I wanted to catch the start…. not the way you want to start off a very long slow paced race. Without thinking much, I dashed off heading back towards our campsite. To my luck a car pulled up beside me after about 1 minute of hard running. The driver saw a runner with bib and full race kit sprinting away from the starting line, so she knew I needed help. This amazing woman drove me to the campsite and back and I arrived as the crowd counted down from 10 seconds. I kissed my wife and hugged my parents and jumped into the pack. It had begun!

Rocky Raccoon 100 is comprised of five 20 mile loops that are all run in the same direction.  The course is more or less flat, though consistently undulating with small inclines and declines.  About half of the course is root covered single track, and the other half is wide jeep road with a mix of rocks and packed dirt. It is very runnable but it can be mentally fatiguing to see the same trail 5 times. Somewhere in those first few miles I wasn’t paying attention to my feet and rolled an ankle on a root. It felt fine and didn’t hurt, but later in the race I would have some major ankle problems, and that initial roll could have been the impetus. Within the first few miles I got into a great easy rhythm. I completed the first loop in 3:26.  For nutrition I just ate Vfuel gels on the first loop.  I really enjoyed the out and back sections of the course because it gave me a chance to see a lot of awesome people, including Austin based ultrarunner, Paul Terranova, course record holder Ian Sharman, and a Trail Roots training partner and fellow bass player, Bobby Daniel.

(cruising into the Damnation aid station)

The second loop was smooth. The weather was perfect all day. Sunny with the highs in the mid to high 50’s. I dropped my pace back just a tad bit, anticipating I would be forced to slow down on later laps if I didn’t conserve energy early.  I kept eating VFuel gels along with adding in some Vfuel Drink Mix into my water bottles. My stomach was starting to crave solid food so I mixed in handfuls of banana chips from my drop bag. Towards the end of this loop, I began to sense the hint of some discomfort and sharp pain in my right ankle, and that was the start to what would become the metaphorical thorn in my side for the rest of the race. I finished the 2nd loop in 7:21 and felt quite fatigued.

(Kat helping out at Damnation with drop bag goodies)

I grabbed what I needed and headed out as quickly as possible. This time it was harder to get running again. I picked up an easy jog and my ankle pain became significantly worse in just a couple of miles. At this point my strategy was to just keep jogging and walk if my ankle became too painful. Over that span of 6 miles, my spirit went from quite high to quite low. Things had started off so great and quickly became quite painful. Kat was at mile 46, Damnation aid station, and she would be able to cheer me up, so I continued on. When I saw her, she could tell that the idea of quitting was already in my mind. She told me to have fun and walk if I needed to, and reminded me that I had all day and night and the next morning to finish the race. She was right, I had a very optimistic goal of finishing around 20 hours on a somewhat small block of training. I was being a little unrealistic and dreaming big, and my ultimate goal was just to finish and get that Western States Lottery ticket for 2017. I grabbed what I needed and headed out on the 7 mile out and back between the Damnation stops.

I began to dread this 7 mile loop...  It wasn’t technically difficult, but with a bad ankle it was a long 7 miles. Kat expected to see me back in about 90 minutes but it took me a little over 2 hours. In that stretch from mile 46-53 my ankle went from bad to worse. I couldn’t run more than a few minutes before sharp pain began to shoot through it. I began walking more than running, and even walking was starting to hurt. The next time I saw Kat she could see that it was turning into a battle. The nice thing about that damnation loop is that after you finish it, you only have 7 miles left of the loop. I would get to see my friends and my parents at mile 60, and Joe Cooper would be heading out to pace me for the toughest part of race. I told Kat that I wasn’t sure if I could continue and once again she did a stellar job of keeping me focused on moving forward.  She reminded me that they would be able to take a look at my ankle at mile 60 and give it some treatment. I got to mile 60 in 12:50 and went into problem solving mode. All time goals were out the window at this point and that was okay. My focus was to get through the next 20 miles. My parents grabbed the aid station nurse as I found my drop bag. My ankle was sprained, but nothing was broken or torn. She cleaned it up and gave it a quick massage to work some knots out of the tendons. It was painful but pain felt pretty normal to me at that point.  She then did a hell of a job taping both ankles to give them some extra stability. I got up, did a gear check, and headed out with Joe Cooper. Running with Joe was a welcomed change to my solo battle. Joe had finished a tough 100 mile race the previous summer and knew exactly what I was going through. 

The next few miles thing began to unravel.  We were at mile 65, I was moving slow, and it was getting really cold really fast. Joe was well aware of my condition and mental state at this point, and that my slow pace was not going to keep me very warm. He did the best he could to keep my mind off of the cold and my ankle pain. We talked about music, about Star Wars, Paul Rudd movies, and a ton of random stuff. Everything was going okay until about mile 71 when the cold hit me like a ton of bricks. I came into the 2nd damnation aid station and all I could think about was hot food. As I walked up to the tent I began violently shivering. I could hardly breathe, talk, or stand up. My body was going to into shock from the cold. Joe grabbed me and walked me to the back of the aid station tent. An aid station volunteer saw me and knew what was happening.  I was not the first runner there who was showing signs of hypothermia. I sat in front of a heater and wrapped up in a wool blanket. It was cold like I have never felt before, and I had no warm clothes to change into. This was my biggest mistake of the race. Joe borrowed someone’s phone to text Kat and tell her to have my warm clothes for me at the next aid station. I felt stuck, and I honestly thought I would have to quit and get ride back to the start.  Everyone there was focused on just getting me warm. I had plenty of time left to finish, so I wrapped up in wool blankets with hand warmers and laid down on a cot to take a warm power nap. What was supposed to be a 20 minute nap turned into an hour, but it worked and I was warm.

Joe spurred me along to get ready as quickly as possible. It was still getting colder and I needed to keep moving. My muscles had stiffened up but my mind felt better. I was cracking jokes and smiling as I sat up on the cot and put my shoes back on. The aid station medics new that I did not have the proper clothing to stay warm and with some ingenuity they fashioned a suit for me out of garbage bags and duct tape. It wasn’t high tech or fashionable but it kept me warm enough for the next 3 miles. As I headed out, the great folks in Damnation made me promise I would come see them again on my final lap.  At mile 76, Park Road aid station, my buddy Tres Binkley took over pacing duties. Tres was the perfect guy to take over at that point. He’s one of the most positive and fun people I know, and immediately got my stoke level back up. Kat had given him a big puffy insulated jacket for me, which I immediately put on and basked in the warmth of primaloft insulation. I normally would never wear a thick insulated jacket on a run but this wasn’t a normal “run”. We headed back into the night with 4 miles to go until mile 80. I finished loop 4 in 21:18.

(Ty Reagan keeping my spirits up during my final lap)

My ankle was screaming at me whenever I tried to run, but I was warm and I was having a good time with my friends on the trail in the wee small hours of the morning. In transition from my 4th to 5th loop I did not allow myself to take any down time. I added some warmer layers of clothing to my legs and headed back out with Tres, chatting and having fun, running when I could and walking for the most part. I picked up my final pacer, Ty Reagan, at mile 83. This last loop was all about putting one foot in front of the other and staying focused on the finish line. In my last Ultra I came up with the mantra “Run if you can, walk if you have to, just keep moving forward.”  I kept repeating this to myself during the last 20 miles.

When the sun came up that morning I felt for the first time that I was actually going to make it! At mile 50 I honestly did not think I could grind out another 50 miles. 100 miles is a long way, but I am stubborn, strong willed, and with some humility and patience I moved myself around the course to finish in 28:18. The last 4 miles were agonizing. I told Ty to just keep motivating me and distract me from the pain that did not ever let up in my right ankle. I pushed hard to hold a slow jog until it became unbearable, would walk for a minute, and push again. When I finished it was pure magic and emotion. The previous 28 hours felt like a dream. The emotions were overwhelming, and I held my wife for a few moments and cried. I was so happy to be done and so happy that I didn’t quit. 

If it were not for the 28 hours of support from my amazing wife, my parents, and friends, I likely would not have finished.  When I say that I could not have done it without them, I really mean it.  Thank you to Tejas Trails for always putting on world-class events, race director Chris McWatters, all of the volunteers, and an extra big thank you to the good folks at Damnation aid station for keeping me warm at mile 73. I envisioned my first 100 mile race going much better… but that was a bit naive. It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen your first time. Problems are always going to pop up, but now I will be better prepared for them. I will continue to train and get stronger, I will make my ankle bulletproof, and you can bet that I will be back at this race next year. 

 Coach Billy!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Motiv8's Austin Marathon Experience!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Happy Monday!

Coach Ty here with another write up about how friggin' amazing all of you are.  Motiv8ers, yesterday was the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon and it was a magical day.  So many of our Motiv8ers went out there, gave that course all they had, and conquered their goals.  Yesterday was the perfect example of if you set a goal, and you want to accomplish it bad enough, you can make anything happen.  Check out who killed yesterday's run.  Oh and if I missed anyone, let me know as soon as you can so I can add you to the list. =)

First, let's start with Coach Vanessa's North Motiv8 Crew.  In the picture below you have Jesse Barnes, Chris Flores, Teresa Krammer, Nick Voll, Angelo Colon, and Becca Jameson (a future Motiv8er).  All of these Motiv8ers ran their very first marathon yesterday.  For the past 5 months now they have been training very hard to get ready for yesterday.  Long training runs on the weekends and showing up to Motiv8 SETs consistently helped each of them reach a new level in their fitness journey.  Crew, when you set a goal, then consistently do the work needed every day to achieve your goal, you will be so surprised how much you will accomplish in a short amount of time.  These guys proved that and we are crazy proud of them.

Huge shout out to Angelo for, despite a calf injury, he still found the willpower to get through his marathon, and killed a life goal!

Next, Leslie Elliot from the Ramsey SET!  Yesterday, I had the honor to help pace Leslie as she set a 50-minute marathon personal record from last year.  That is CRAZY!!!!  Leslie is the perfect example of never allowing yourself to settle.  Once you accomplish one goal you then shoot for another.  Last year, she ran a 4 hour 30 minute marathon.  It was her first one.  She said that's great I wonder what I can do next year.  She consistently put in the work everyday over the past year and what did she run this time?  3 hours 40 mins.  WHAT!?!?!?!? Through doing a little bit every day consistently, Leslie has turned herself into a Super Human.  Keep it up Leslie!  So, what's the next goal?
Pauline Zamudio is our next Motiv8er who killed the marathon.  She attends the Zilker SETs with Joe and she conquered the whole Austin distance challenge.  Pauline, we are so proud of you.  Keep up the hard work.

Next, Jess Heck from the Ramsey SETs killed the Austin Half Marathon.  Despite her crazy busy schedule working two jobs, she still finds time to take care of herself.  Congrats Jess, for killing it out there!
Next, we saw a few past Motiv8er's out on the course.  Justin Cunningham, Laura Dugan, and Samantha Rearich.  They killed their races.  So proud of these guys.

Two more Motiv8ers who ran the half marathon but I haven't gotten pics of is Steve Wiese and Dave Tobin.  Both of these two attend the Ramsey SETs.  So proud of these guys.  Both finished under an 1 hour 40 mins.

Lastly, you can't forget about the awesome Motiv8ers who cheered us on at the Motiv8ion Cheer Station.  They set up at mile 21, and it was awesome getting to see them.  Our spirits lifted so much when we saw them.  We had 20+ Motiv8ers out there cheering on the runners.  Thank you, crew, for showing the support!
Crew, remember that our community is strong and it is only getting stronger.  With a group of friends to support you, anything is possible.

So, today think of something you want to accomplish, and then bring your idea to your Motiv8 SET and talk about it.  You might just find a whole bunch of people that would love to help you get ready for it or do it with you!  So, get Motiv8ed and when you see the Motiv8ers above give them a huge high-five.  They deserve it.  

Crew, stay EPIC and start pursuing those dreams!

Coach Ty

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Motiv8er of the Month!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here. Crew, it is time once again to recognize some amazing Motiv8ers.  Each week we recognize a couple of outstanding Motiv8ers who have gone above and beyond in the work they need to do in order to change their lives and become healthy people.  We also recognize one person each month for Motiv8er of the Month.  Well we didn't get a chance to do that in December.  So, today we are recognizing two folks--one for the month of December and one for the month of January.  Check it out in today's blog post.  For their hard work, we also want to award them with a gift card to Academy as a Thank you for allowing us to help them on their journey.

Motiv8ers, check out their stories again on the blog and get inspired!

Petrita Lopez Silvas!

Petrita embodies exactly what it means to live a fit life.  She never lets anything slow her down. She's always smiling, and her laugh is infectious. Below she talks about how she hurt her ankle. It was on the FIRST day she was getting back to running--even though that can bring a lot of people down, she didn't even think for a second she wouldn't come to her SETs with Motiv8. And we're all so relieved! It's not the same without her happy bubbling self. She never turns down a challenge. She's almost healed and is now familiar with a 60 POUND farmer's carry. Anytime I give her a new challenge, her response is always, "okay!" and she's off tackling it. Every time I see an instagram post with her delicious healthy meals, I'm instantly hungry for brussels or asparagus or brown rice, or something else delicious! All these reasons and MORE (read below), Petrita is our Motiv8er of the Month!

"Working out as an adult is way different than working out as a kid. As a kid you could run around for hours and hours and it was just fun. As an adult, life comes into play and you have to schedule time to workout. Sometimes that isn't easy but with Motiv8 my HIIT session is my most FAVORITE part of the day. I look forward to it all day and am sad when I can't make it. What makes it so exciting for me are the people that I get to workout with. We may all be at different fitness levels but I never feel as though I have to keep up or slow down for anybody. We all encourage one another to do our best and motiv8 one another to do more. I'm shy, like really shy when I first meet people. With this group, I'm finally opening up and they accept me. That just makes me oh so HAPPY!

Recently I sprained my ankle. This happened on the eve of my new running routine I was going to incorporate along with the bootcamps. Normally had this occurred I would have sat out all 6 weeks I was told that it would take to recover. I've been to boot camp almost everyday since it happened and I wouldn't have it any other way. Vanessa has been the best about showing me modifications and ensuring that I don't hurt myself in the workouts. Everyone's been real considerate and asking how I'm coming along and it makes me feel loved. I'm also making changes to my diet and man, VEGGIES are DELISH!!! Motiv8 has shown me that there are no limits to what one can do. The Motiv8 happy family is full of people setting goals and crushing them. For me, my goal once I'm healed and doing better is to run the Austin 10/20 in 2016. It's a race I've always wanted to run but just never have. I'm optimistic that my ankle will be healed and that I'll be able to run all 10 miles. It may not be a world record but it will be my personal record."

Congrats, Petrita! You help make us a HAPPY FAMILY!

Nidhi Goel!

From Coach Billy's SETs, is Nidhi Goel! Nidhi has been attending the Motiv8 noon SET in Butler Park for a little over 3 months.  She will tell you that this is really the first time she has ever had a steady exercise regiment in her entire life, and when she began, it was very challenging for her. Through consistency, she has proven that hard work and determination pay off.  A couple months ago she could barely do a sit-up or run a quarter-mile without taking a break.  Now, she can run up to a mile in one SET and steadily knock out sit-ups, push-ups, squats, burpees, and other challenging exercises rep after rep.  It has been awesome to see her get stronger each week, and I am excited to see her continue to improve and Motiv8 others.  Congrats, Nidhi, on your achievements!  Keep it up!

Motiv8ers, our community is getting stronger and it has helped these two individuals see results that they might not have been able to accomplish on their own.  Our goal for this next week, is to keep the Motiv8ion high,  and continue to build an even stronger community of amazing Motiv8ers so all of us can experience a whole new amazing life--TOGETHER!  Crew, when you see these two Motiv8ers above, give them a huge congratulations!

Stay Motiv8ed and EPIC and we will see you at our SETS!

Coach Ty

Friday, February 5, 2016

Let's Talk About Your Weekend!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here!  Let's start today's blog post with a quote from one of my idols!
"We are a product of our habits!!!  And, I think that you need to look at where you want to go, so have some sort of idea of where you are heading.  Because, if you don't know where you want to go, you'll never find your way there.  Then, look at your daily habits.  Even your hourly or minutely habits, and say, 'Are these habits conducive to getting me to where I want to go?'  So, changing little things can lead to big changes."  -Dean Karnazes (Famous Elite Runner) 

Think about that quote, and I'll bring it back up next week.

Ok, Let's talk about your weekend!

You've been working hard in your Motiv8 SETs, so remember to keep all your HARD work in mind throughout the weekend and into next week.

It's easy to fall off track on the weekends, or after a long me, I can relate! I've found a little change in mindset and planning goes a LONG way.

If you get out of your normal routine, don't let that stop you from sticking to your exercise and nutrition program.  Make a plan for today and this weekend, just like you would for Monday-Thursday.

Today and this week, plan your workouts or your active rest!  One way to stay on track is by staying active and making it a point to move your body.   Sitting on the couch shoving chips in your mouth does not count. ;o)  If you're feeling pretty worn out and tired from this week's workouts, plus the Saturday 9am SET at Ramsey, still make a plan to get moving!  Go for a bike or walk around town lake, go golfing, kayaking, dancing, play with the pups, etc.  This will help you recover fast by increasing blood flow.

Not only should you plan your workouts, but your nutrition as well (the most important part).  Plan a treat meal, but refrain from making an entire day out of it.  Eat your normal meals throughout the day up until you have your "treat meal."  If your plan is to go out to dinner with friends, enjoy a glass of wine and your favorite meal, then get back on track the following day.  Do not feel guilty for treating yourself!  This will help you a create a healthy relationship with food and help you achieve LONG lasting results.  If you are using an online app like My Fitness Pal (www,, log your food for accountability!

Another way to stay on track is meal prep!  Take time Saturday or Sunday to plan your grocery list, and to plan/cook your meals for the week.  Making the effort to do this will hold you accountable to your nutrition and exercise plan over the weekend.  Remember, results don't just come from Monday-Thursday, but from what you do/fail not to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When in comes to meal prepping, I've found a great tool to use is Mason Jars.  The blog below will give you some helpful and easy tips/steps for making your own mason jar salads.  These things stay fresh for up to 5 to 7 days–that is awesome!  So, on Sunday you can prep a whole week worth of meals and still have them tasting fresh and delicious by the end of the week.  That is incredible, and shouldn't take much more than an hour.  AN HOUR!   An hour to make a week's worth of food is nothing!  Motiv8ers, check out the link.

These are some mason jar food prep pics taken by 5:30am Dick Nichols Motiv8er, Billie Jo.  Looks awesome right?  Bug her if you need some tips (you can find her on the Motiv8 -- South Facebook page, always ready to help!)

Be sure to make time for YOU.  Not just cooking, or working out, but time where you can sit, reflect, relax, work on your favorite hobby, or simply just BE.   

Live in the present moment, stay in touch with your thoughts and emotions, and work on IMPROVING EVERY DAY.

Have a great weekend, and if you need anything post below or bug your Motiv8 Coach.

Next week is going to be a week you do not want to miss!!!

Stay EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Motiv8ers of the Week!

Hi Motiv8ers,

First thing on today's Blog Post: this is how you should view your Mondays!  Check it out below.

Many folks have a negative look on Monday and that definitely isn't healthy.  Start now with tthese tips to begin viewing your Mondays as a fresh start to helping you be even more awesome than you were the week before!  If you have that mind set you will be especially productive this week.  Oh and Crew, Never Miss a Motiv8 Monday!!

Moving on to our main topic for today:
Motiv8ers of The Week!!!

Crew, as you saw in our email our Motiv8ers are really doing a lot and having a great time even outside of their SETs.  In our Monday blog posts, however, we want to start highlighting a few Motiv8ers who are going above and beyond, which is really bringing them results.  As many of you know already, each week the coaches take turns highlighting a Motiv8er from their Motiv8 SETs that has embodied the ideals and work ethic of Motiv8 Health and Fitness. 

Last week, Coach Kaolin and Coach Billy selected a Motiv8er of the week from their SETs.  It is a pleasure to share these two inspirational Motiv8er's stories and the amazing things they are doing  with their Motiv8 community.  Check it out!!

Nidhi Goel!

From Coach Billy's SETs, is Nidhi Goel! Nidhi has been attending the Motiv8 noon SET in Butler Park for a little over 3 months.  She will tell you that this is really the first time she has ever had a steady exercise regiment in her entire life, and when she began, it was very challenging for her. Through consistency, she has proven that hard work and determination pay off.  A couple months ago she could barely do a sit-up or run a quarter-mile without taking a break.  Now, she can run up to a mile in one SET and steadily knock out sit-ups, push-ups, squats, burpees, and other challenging exercises rep after rep.  It has been awesome to see her get stronger each week, and I am excited to see her continue to improve and Motiv8 others.  Congrats, Nidhi, on your achievements!  Keep it up!

Jan Zink!

Next, Please help me congratulate Jan Zink for being the 5:30am Dick Nichols Motiv8er of the Week for the final week in January!!  Jan has been an early bird worker-outer since last January, so she’s got a year of hard work under her belt.  She is the “wisest” and “most experienced” of our 5:30am DN Motiv8ers, and is an inspiration to us all to continue to work hard and take care of ourselves.  She recently increased her weights to 10 lbs and has been killin’ it!  Though she couldn’t be with us on her birthday (somehow this coincided with the coldest morning yet this year), she still tackled her Birthday Burpees at home!  Jan embodies dedication and consistency, rarely misses a day, and always has a smile on her face.  Mornings wouldn’t be the same without her, and we’re so glad she’s here!

Here’s what Jan had to say:
"I started going to boot camp last January. I am a 5:30 am regular. I almost always go 4 days a week. Many people ask why I like to go to boot camp. I'm not sure that "like" is the right word.
The exercise is hard work and many days I have lots of sore muscles. I continue going to boot camp because I have discovered that the exercise helps relieve the stiffness that I feel in the mornings.
I feel strong and I think it helps me to stay young. I love the friendships that I have made there. I feel that we are in this together and we all keep each other accountable and motivated.
I absolutely love being outdoors in the early mornings. We've seen owls and foxes and many, many stars, planets and phases of the moon. Thank you, Kaolin and fellow campers, for your
support and your dedication to our goal of building healthy bodies. I couldn't do it without you and it definitely wouldn't be as much fun. I am proud to be an Early Morning Motiv8er."

Motiv8ers, our community is getting stronger and it has helped these two individuals see results that they might not have been able to accomplish on their own.  Our goal for this next week, is to keep the Motiv8ion high,  and continue to build an even stronger community of amazing Motiv8ers so all of us can experience a whole new amazing life--TOGETHER!  Crew, when you see these two Motiv8ers above give them a huge congratulations!

That is all for today.  Another blog post coming on Wednesday!

Crew, Stay EPIC and don't forget to be awesome!

Never Miss a Motiv8 Monday!

Coach Ty