Sunday, December 9, 2018

Change Your Environment to Build Happiness & Health |


We have a problem.

2019 is just around the corner and I know many of you are already starting to set those New Year Resolutions.

Resolutions like..
  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthier
  • Take a more active approach to health
  • Learn a new skill or hobby
  • Spend more time on personal well being
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Stop smoking
Now ask yourself, and be completely honest, will you actually accomplish these new goals in 2019? Or, will you fall off after just two weeks like many of us have done in the past?

Dan Buettner, author of "The Blue Zones of Happiness", says that people only have so much willpower to force themselves into a new habit. And for most of us, that willpower doesn't last long. However, he states that if you can set up your social, work, and home environment in a way that promotes developing a healthy routine, you can be successful in the long term. 

Dan states that the happiest people in the world live in environments that promote the type of lifestyle they want to live.   Now, many of us can't control where we live, or who we live or work with, but we can control the environment that we live in.

Bringing us to our topic of the day.

Turning Your Home Into a Temple of Health and Productivity

We have two main points to cover. If you can find the strength to tackle these two tasks before 2017 is over, you will be successful in 2019. That is a FACT!

Let's get started....

First, Turn Your House into a Temple of Health!

What does that mean?


Motiv8ers, your home should be the one place that you are not tempted to eat the bad foods that you are addicted to. I hear this so often from so many of you, "I just can't kick my cookie, chip, or candy addiction." Why is that? Because these foods are right in front of you every day.

Think about yourself in your home. This is where you relax, watch movies, spend time with family, and possibly even work. What do we love to do when we are relaxing or focusing?


We love to have a great meal or snack when we are working, relaxing, or spending time with family.  Do you really think you will be able to resist that bag of chips or chocolate bar and go for the bag of carrots instead if both where sitting on your kitchen counter? No way!

In order for you to be successful with your 2019 diet goals and start seeing that health and weight loss you are looking for, your home has to promote the new lifestyle that you want to adopt.

So throw out the junk!

If it isn't around, you won't want it. Out of sight, out of mind! I know this might be hard to do but it is a step that has to be done. If you want your health to improve, you have to make the bad food hard to get and the healthy food easy to get.

Do not allow the junk food to enter your temple of health!

Instead of stocking up on junk food, stock up on healthy food like this:
If your home only has the foods above, what do you think you will snack on? Probably strawberries and blueberries. You wouldn't even be thinking about chips. Can you get fat eating fruit and vegetables? I would like to see you try! =)

Am I saying you should stop eating the foods you love? No way. I am saying to put these junk foods into a category called "my special occasion foods."  Alicia, my fiance, and I still enjoy ice cream or cookies, vegan of course. But when we want these foods we make an effort to go out and either make it a date night or for some special reason or event. We never have these types of food stocked up in our apartment. At home, our snack foods are carrots, dates, oats, celery, or bananas.

Crew, take this step. This is a huge one for your success.

Second, Declutter Your Home!

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your home in a way that promotes the most positive and happiest energy. Having a lot of stuff in your home that you don't use and is just taking up space could be having a negative effect on your life and energy. There is a documentary on Netflix called the Minimalists and they state that the less you have, the happier you will be. The more you have, the more you will feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed. Getting rid of stuff that you are attached to can be hard, but once it is out you will start to feel more free. Trust me, I sure have. Let's take a lesson from the minimalists.

Be open to this statement: If you haven't thought of it, used it, or touched it in the past 6 months, minus cold weather clothes, then it needs to go! WOW! "You mean you want me to get rid of my old high school clothes, or my old college books, or all my old childhood stuff that I love?" Yup! Get it out!

 To give you an example!

 Get rid of the stuff you haven't looked at in years. It is only making you more stressed and unproductive. It will be hard to let go of the objects that you have attached memories to, but you will be thankful you did.

Motiv8ers, over the past few weeks I have been asking many of my clients how their diets are going. All I can say is that they really need to take action on the two steps above. 

If you want to be happier and healthier, your home needs to promote that lifestyle. Start now before 2018 is over and start a whole new you in 2019!

Motiv8ers if you would like to check out Dan Buettner's Book The 'Blue Zones of Happiness' then click here.  Promise you will love the tips and advice that he gives.

Motiv8ers Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Merry Christmas!!

Coach Ty Out!

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Start Those New Year Resolutions Now!

Whats up Motiv8ers!

Coach Ty here with another Motiv8ion tip for your Epic Monday!

Crew, we have one month left in 2018. The trend for most folks shows that we tend to slack off in December. When it comes to our goals, we usually put them on the back burner, saying "I'll get serious about them when the New Year starts."

But why wait? Why wait for the New Year to start making yourself the person you have always wanted to be?  Why are you letting yourself go over the holidays and falling back into your bad habits?

Crew, remember that exercise and nutrition shouldn't be a program or a diet that you do when you want to be healthy. It should a part of your lifestyle. That is just who you are. A fit healthy person that exercises regularly and eats a whole foods diet for the majority of your week.

Now that you are a little fired up and Motiv8ed, let's talk about New Year Resolutions.

Do you set New Year Resolutions? Why or why not? Are you Motiv8ed and excited to set a new goal that sounds challenging for 2018?

In Motiv8, I recommend setting New Year Resolutions. If you never set a goal you will never have the drive and desire to improve your current self. If you don't know where you are going, then how will you know where to start? Setting goals and resolutions are important for Motiv8ing yourself to start.

But if you only think about the goal, you will fail!

What do I mean by that?

A while back, I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast Episode 310 with Jon Gordon, a bestselling author and prolific keynote speaker. He was discussing a talk he had with a collegiate sports team.  His goal was to get this team fired up about making their upcoming season the best they had ever had. First, he asked that each athlete take out a pen and paper and spend the next ten minutes writing out their goals and dreams for that season.

Once the ten minutes were up, he said, "I want you to take those goals and rip them up." In that moment he saw a lot of upset faces. They had just spent ten minutes writing them out!

But then he said, "I don't care about your goals and dreams, I care about what you are going to commit to, to make those dreams and goals come true!"  Goals give you a place to start, but goals alone will have you failing in the long run. Your main focus needs to be on the day-to-day, week-by-week actions to make that dream a reality.

Sounds a lot like last week's blog post right? =)  Remember Turning Your Mountains into Hills!

Motiv8ers, this brings me to my main topic of the day!

What will you commit to in December! December Commitment Challenge!

Motiv8ers, every month we take on some sort of challenge to help you take that next step in your fitness and health. This month I want you to take on the December Commitment Challenge!

Before you go crazy with your New Year Resolutions, let's start small. Get into the habit of picking a goal and then writing out the small actions you need to do each day to reach that goal. 

Right now, think of a goal that you wanted to conquer in 2017 but didn't. Just one. Let's start small so you can get the hang of it. Also, let's keep this goal in the exercise and nutrition realm.

Did you slack on your diet? Did you not lose those 10 pounds? Have you not conquered that half marathon yet? Are you not able to do as many push ups as you wanted?

What is that one goal that you really wanted to accomplish?

Let's revisit that goal. Write it down on a sheet of paper. Now, think about what you need to do every day to actually achieve this goal. Remember, start small!

Those actions are the commitment that you are going to make for the December Commitment Challenge!

Let's see a few examples:

1. If your goal was to lose 10 pounds, commit to a healthier whole foods diet. Break it down even further. When are you going to go to the grocery store and what foods will you buy? Find recipes to fit the foods that you are committing to eating and then plan when you will prepare these meals. Plan everything into small, easy-to-do actions.

2. If your goal is to run a half marathon, find a plan that breaks down your training. Your plan should show each week with easy, manageable miles that slowly progress as you get stronger.

Note: Make sure you focus on committing to a positive action that you will be doing each week.  Don't focus on a negative action that has you doing nothing. For example, don't say "I am going to stop drinking cola cola every day." Focus on the action that will replace that cola cola.

Motiv8ers, what are you committed to doing in December to help you get stronger and healthier?

Think about it and post below. Helping each other stay committed to our goals is a huge part of this process, so make sure you share what you are going to do. Motiv8ers, share your commitments in your Motiv8 Camps this week. Let's do this!

So, you might be wondering, what is my commitment?

Making time in my busy schedule during the week to fit in my runs. Many times I say "I just have too much work to do" that I never plan my weekly running workouts into my schedule. I just do it when I have time. So this month, I commit to running 6 times a week with a minimum of 2 miles. =)

Motiv8ers, let's do this.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty out!

P.S.  If you would like to check out a book by Jon Gordon, the book "The Carpenter: A Story about the Greatest Success Strategies of All" is a fantastic read.  Find it here.   Promise you will love this book and be inspired to take control of your life.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Turning Your Mountains Into Hills!

Hi Motiv8ers,

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Now on to the tips! =)

Coach Ty here with another Motiv8 tip to help improve your life!

Let me ask you a question. Do you set New Year's Resolutions?

Are you someone who likes to set big goals?

Are you someone who enjoys talking about how you are going to start eating right and drop 20 pounds? Or next year you are going to finally start that workout program?

Think about some of the goals you enjoy talking about but haven't started yet.

Why haven't you started them? Why does it seem so hard to just get started on your goal?

Turns out getting started is a lot harder then just talking about it.

To get an understanding of why this is we need to think about two words.

Motiv8ion and Execution

Motiv8ion is important because it is what sparks the idea and gets us excited. When you watch a movie, or go to a motiv8ional seminar, or read a blog post about getting healthy, all of these avenues might give you an idea that sparks your interest. In that moment, your brain releases dopamine making you feel awesome. You find yourself wanting to tell the whole world about your new idea. It feels great and is exhilarating to talk about a new lifestyle that you are passionate and Motiv8ed to experiment with. But, when it comes time to execute this new idea, you find yourself to uncomfortable or overwhelmed by how hard it sounds to even get started. For example, you have never ran a marathon before, or maybe not even a 5k, so how are you going to get through 26.2 miles. It is too uncomfortable to even think about running that far. Or you hate vegetables. So how in the world are you going to start that new diet if you can't even stand eating half of the food on the meal plan?

So how do you over come this obstacle?

You have to break you goals down from hard to easy.

Turn Your Mountains into Small Hills

You have to break down your big goal into smaller day-by-day, week-by-week tasks. These tasks must be simple for your mind to comprehend so that you can easily add them into your already busy schedule.

Remember, consistency is the key here. If you can't practice the daily actions needed to help you reach your goal, then your dream will never happen.  

So, the first step in conquering your new big goal is....

Focus on the easy first step!

Figure out what your goal is. Then find a program, an app, a coach, a book, an accountability buddy, a training plan, anything to help you break it down into easy manage steps.

For example, many of my Motiv8 clients are running the Austin 3M Half Marathon for the first time in January 2019.  They have never put their body to this type of test before, so naturally, they are nervous and have no idea if they can even complete the race. Many of them would probably talk themselves out of even trying if they had to do the training on their own. But what did I do to help them out? I broke down the whole process into a week-by-week training plan. I had them focus on only the first week, not the whole plan. By doing this, they can see how their body will hold up to the training plan. Don't fully commit to the marathon yet. Just do the first week of training and see how their bodies respond. If it feels good, then move on to the next week. Before they knew it, they were on their fourth week of training and completing their first 5 to 8 mile runs. Their confidence is increasing and the thought of finishing their first marathon is starting to be a possibility.  It all started by focusing on the first easy to take step.

Let's cover one more example: Diet! If you say that you want to get healthier, leaner, and feel all around better, then your diet and nutrition is the first place to start. But, the first thing you hear, from me or a diet book, is you need to switch your diet to a more whole foods diet. What does that mean? You need to eat more fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean meats and take out the processed junk. Then you look at yourself and say, "I can't do that, I hate vegetables and I eat a pop tart for breakfast every morning. I really don't want to change my habits and I really don't want to eat something gross."

But you look at yourself again and say, "But I know I need to change in order to get healthy."  In that moment, you might find yourself depressed because you just can't start the process. So what should you do first?  Find the small steps. If completely overhauling your diet is too uncomfortable, then take a small step. Write out the foods you love that you know are bad for you, but you don't want to give up. Then google healthy alternatives to those foods. If you love hamburgers, there are so many awesome delicious veggie burgers out there.  If you love pizza, research how to make your own from healthy ingredients. Keep the foods you love in your diet but just find a healthier way to prepare it, and your health will start to improve.

And, you know what else will start to happen? Through using healthier ingredients, your taste palate will also start to change, helping you enjoy the foods you use to hate.

So in conclusion:

If you want to run a marathon, find a training plan from a coach or online.
If you want to learn a new language, find a program that breaks it down into small goals.
If you want to get stronger and build muscle, find a training plan that starts where you are.
If you want to improve your budget, find a program that helps make it simple for you.

The world is full of programs, coaches, recipes, plans, books, apps, etc that will make your life easier and help you get started on any goal!

Don't settle with the person you are now.  Make an even stronger, smarter, healthier version of yourself and every year improve upon that person. Every year, make yourself stronger than the year before. You can learn anything and be anyone, just focus on the first step. 

The first easy step is the key to accomplishing anything!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Turkey Day Tools & Workouts to Stay Motiv8ed!

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Now on to the tips! =)

Quick blog post here with a few tips and workouts to help you stay Motiv8ed over the break. Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and a time to enjoy family, but sometimes it can send you straight to Lazy Town. Motiv8 has you covered with a few simple tools to help you stay EPIC and awesome over the break.

First, your Motiv8 tip of the day...

Before the holiday hits I want you to make a plan for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Try to put in at least two workouts: one Motiv8 style workout (which I've included below) and one good hour-long run, jog, or walk.

The best days to do these workouts are Friday and Sunday morning. Friday morning is a good day to work off those holiday calories and shake that lazy holiday feeling. Sunday is important because exercise boosts endorphins, making it great way to get you fired up to conquer your week!

This Friday morning, I will be coaching a free workout at Ramsey Park starting at 9am. This workout is called operation Thanksgiving Recovery. =) If you are in Austin, come join us, bring a friend or family member, and let's have a great time!

So before today is over, make a plan and get your loved ones on board as well. Help each other stay awesome over the holiday break.

My next tip is to help you make better decisions on Thanksgiving Day! 

As you know, whole plant based foods are always best with lean meats. But if you have to have that traditional thanksgiving meal along with those awesome desserts, try to use a few of the tips below so you don't fall into Lazy Town.  Check it out!

This Thanksgiving, go with the "Gobble," not the "Squawk"!

·         Squawk: Sweet potato casserole filled with butter and sugar
·         Gobble: Roasted, diced sweet potatoes with a little coconut oil, salt, and cinnamon

·         Squawk: Mashed potatoes fixed with milk and butter
·         Gobble: Mashed cauliflower seasoned with skim milk, chicken broth, garlic/garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese

·         Squawk: Store bought gravy high in fat and sodium
·         Gobble: Homemade gravy. Refrigerate the gravy to harden fat then skim the fat off. This will save a whopping 56 grams of fat per cup

·         Squawk: Dark turkey meat
·         Gobble: White meat and save calories and fat

·         Squawk: Appetizers high in carbs and fat such as crackers, cheese, and dips
·         Gobble: Fresh fruit and vegetable trays with hummus as a side

·         Squawk: Sodas, sweet tea, and excessive alcohol consumption
·         Gobble: Lots of water and if you do drink, wine has fewer calories and sugar than mixed drinks

·         Squawk: Skipping meals to “save calories”
·         Gobble: Eat a healthy breakfast to help avoid over-eating at the Thanksgiving table

·         Squawk: Traditional stuffing fixed with bread and sausage
·         Gobble: Stuffing made with wild or brown rice mixed with fresh chopped vegetables, sliced apples, and low sodium broth

·         Squawk: Green bean casserole fixed with cream soup and topped with fried onions
·         Gobble: Fresh green beans seasoned with herbs and topped with almonds

·         Squawk: Pecan pie made with corn syrup
·         Gobble: Pumpkin pie which has fewer calories, fat, and carbs

·         Squawk: Standing around the food while visiting increases the chances of mindless eating
·         Gobble: Go out for a brisk walk before dinner. The exercise will help decrease appetite and increase metabolism for burning off the Thanksgiving yummies

·         Squawk: Store bought sugary treats that are high in sugar, white flour, and processed
·         Gobble: Make your own holiday desserts. Substitute two egg whites for each whole egg in baked recipes. Replace heavy cream with evaporated skim milk in cheesecakes and cream pies. Top cakes with fresh fruit, fruit sauce, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar instead of fattening frosting.

Motiv8ers, take control of your holiday diet. Don't let it control you! Take care of your body!

Next, At Home Turkey Day Challenge Workouts...

The first challenge is a no-weight workout. This is a killer challenge and will have you burning those holiday calories in no time. Remember, when you finish a challenge, post on the Motiv8 Facebook page to help others to do the same.

Be an EPIC Turkey! 

Do a quick Warm-Up, then jump right in:

100 Jumping jacks

100 Squats
100 Bottom half squats
15 Burpees
30 Jump lunges
15 Burpees
30 Star jumpers
20 Push-ups
30 Pop squats
20 Push-ups
50 Plank saws
50 Full sit-ups
50 Mountain climbers
100 Bicycle crunches.
Butt Burners - 70 each leg
80 Calf raises

That's one crazy workout right there! If some of the reps are a bit much to do all at once, break up the exercises into smaller reps and do a few rounds until you hit the rep count listed.

 Seven Deadly Mini Monsters!!!!

I'll list the exercises first, then describe the workout. Here are the exercises:

10 Narrow to wide pushups (Do a wide pushup then walk your hands under your shoulders and do a narrow push-up. Then walk back to wide and do a wide push-up. Do 5 of each making 10.)
10 each arm Renegade rows or Lawnmowers
10 Squat to shoulder press
10 Step back lunges w/a bicep curl
10 Front raises
10 Overhead tricep extensions
10 Floppy burpees

Ok, here is the format for this workout:

Always start each round with 25 jumping jacks
and end each round with 15 jump squats

Round 1
25 jumping Jacks
10 Narrow to wide Push-ups
15 Jump Squats

Round 2 (add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 Jump squats

Round 3 (
add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 squat to shoulder Press
10 renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 jump squats

Keep adding exercises until you finish

Round 7 (
add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 floppy burpees
10 overhead tricep extensions
10 front raises
10 step back lunges w/ a bicep curl
10 squat to shoulder Press
10 Renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 jump squats

Your Quick Ab Burner =)

Here we go:

15 half sit-ups
25 secs of leg raise to butt raise
25 sec cross crunches left


15 half sit-ups
25 secs of leg raise to butt raise
25 secs cross crunches right


25 sec hard bicycle crunches
10 sec banana
25 sec side oblique crunches left


25 sec hard bicycle crunches
10 sec banana
25 sec side oblique crunches right


50 Russian twists

That is all!
Crew, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your Coach or text me at 512 806 4615.

Finally, many folks ask me about my favorite meal for Thanksgiving since I'm vegan. This is an easy answer =)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili!

Check it out below and if you try it, let me know how you liked it.  This is a staple for me for sure. =)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili! 

Alright crew, those are your tips for the holiday break.

Motiv8ers, thank you for all of your support and letting Motiv8 help you with your fitness. If you keep up your hard work, we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Have one amazing holiday break! We will be back in a couple of days to bug you about getting in those workouts.  =)

Don't forget use our Amazon Banner Ad if you are going to purchase anything on Amazon to help support Motiv8. Just click on the picture:

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Alicia's J&J 50 Mile Race Report!


I chose this race mostly because of timing. After working on speed for the Army PT test, I needed a few months to train for a long endurance run, but I didn’t want to wait too long until the end of the year. So this race worked out great. I registered for the race and then began to do some research (I probably should have done this the other way around). Most of the race reports said it was rocky, hilly, and generally just difficult. But I couldn’t imagine anything harder than Bandera, so if I could get through that, I’d probably be able to get through this one.
The race is at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, TX. We stayed the night before in Kerrville, about a 1+ drive to Camp Eagle. We went to bed early, woke up at 2 am to get ready, and left at 3 am to get to the race. Most of the drive is fine. However, once you turn off the highway into the park, there is still an 8 mile drive over some seriously bumpy road. The race director had warned runners about this part of the drive, but it was definitely harder than we thought. This ended up being a sign of what was to come…
I picked up my bib, got everything ready to go, and then it was time to start. There were only 9
runners who started the race. I’m used to a big crowd at the starting line, so this was a little bizarre. Once we got going, we all split up pretty fast. I like to run by myself, mostly to concentrate on what I’m doing, so this was actually pretty great. 

I was carrying two soft flasks, one with tailwind and the other with water, plus a few gels and a couple of small flour tortillas with peanut butter. Seriously. Tasty.
The beginning was great; not terribly rocky, generally just pleasant. After a sketchy downhill section that was made more difficult because of the dark, I came into the first aid station, just about 2 miles into the race. There wasn’t a reason to stay at the aid station for very long, just enough to top off my bottles and head back out. So far, so good!
After the aid station, to rocks began to show up. The next aid station wouldn’t show up until a little over 5 miles later. It’s still dark out, so I’m always conscious of where my feet are going. The trail was still somewhat easy, until bam…a steep ass jeep road. It was the first shock of the run, and it was insane. Besides just being super steep, it was LONG. It never ended (another sign of what was to come). My calves started talking to me after several yards of hiking. Luckily, the road became a little less steep the higher we got. I ran into a 100k runner (they started at 8 pm the night before), who warned me about the next section of the race. He said it got pretty rough. Considering that I was moving at a slow hike already, this made me a little wary. After reaching the top, we moved off the jeep road and meandered through the trees for a bit. This was still very technical with lots of rocks and low-hanging branches, but the ground was soft with lots of pine needles, so it wasn’t as sharp and painful as the first section. It had rained in the last few weeks, so mud and slippery rocks became an issue. This section wasn’t necessarily un-runnable, but it was for me. I hit another insane climb to walk into the next aid station.
I wanted to keep moving quickly through the aid stations while I still full of energy, so I stocked up on fluids and got ready to leave. At this point, I had finished off one of my peanut butter tortillas and still felt sufficiently fueled. Just before I stepped out of the aid station, one of the workers said I was in for a treat. Oh boy…
The course was marked so well just after leaving that I knew something was up. There were so many reflective ribbons and caution tape that it would have been impossible to get lost. The trail became super narrow and I felt like I was climbing next to boulders instead of running on a trail. Runners always complain about the uphills and how terrible they are. That’s why we do hill repeats, right? But during this race, the downhills were just as bad. I rarely ran a downhill in this race; that is to say, I walked/side-stepped down most of them. They were entirely too steep (as though anyone can change that) with lots of loose rocks. I had a couple of falls, luckily just onto my backside. I should have counted the number of ups and downs so I wouldn’t have to be surprised on my next trip around. Sadly, I didn’t. I still can’t think of a better word to describe these hills other than insane. They lasted forever (just like the road to get into Camp Eagle) and they were just so steep. This stretch was the longest, a little over six miles, and almost all of it was hills.
After making it out of the woods, the trail opened up and I was able to run for a bit. The sun was just beginning to come up and I was finally able to see what I had been running through. It was definitely the most beautiful trail I had ever run on. The trees were tall and gorgeous, and the hills became less nasty. After a few more relatively easy climbs, I finally made it to the windmill. A u-turn sign let me know that it was time to turn around and head back. This actually freaked me out a little. It had been a while since I had seen anyone, and given that I wasn’t in first place, I should have seen someone on this out-and-back, right? Was I lost? No, I had been following the course the whole time. Did I cut the course? My mind started racing and I turned around to see if I missed any turns. For the first time, I was able to really run. I felt like I was flying, but only because I was full of adrenaline, trying to figure out if I did something wrong. I watched for ribbons and arrows like a hawk, but things weren’t looking familiar. Instead of a long out-and-back, was this a short one and I left the original trail? After some more ups and downs, I reached a creek with lots of flowing water. Instead of wading through, the course went alongside the creek for a short bit before hitting a swing bridge. Who did I see on the other side? Ty’s dad!!!! I was elated. I hadn’t gotten lost and I hadn’t cut the course. After walking and talking with Steve for a bit, I ran another quarter-mile to the next aid station where I finally got to see Ty. 

This was the best aid station. The workers cheered when you came in and were generally just happy for you. Apparently other runners came into this station and talked about how brutal the last stretch was. I was no different; that section was brutal, plain and simple. I had run out of tailwind and water, so I got those filled up while I let Ty in on all the details. We had discussed whether or not he would pace me on the last stretch. My ego wanted to finish all by myself, but I needed to be realistic. This was my first 50-miler and I had no idea how I would feel for the last loop. After going through the first loop, I knew I would need his help. Also, I really wanted him to see this course. I thought he would have fun with the insanity of the whole thing. After talking and eating, I headed back out.
This final section, a little under 4 miles, seemed like a breeze compared to the last. I was able to run more, save a few more nasty hills. I ran along a creek for a bit and then came back into the woods, which was a nice change of scenery. After reaching the top of yet another hill, I could see the start/finish. Another shot of adrenaline got me running and into the end…of the first loop.
My nutrition was really on point. Tailwind and water were keeping me hydrated well; I just had to make sure I rationed both bottles on the longer stretches. More recently, I began trying to reduce my actual food intake and just subsist on tailwind, which feels great on my stomach. But for this long race, I didn’t want to take any chances. I finished off my peanut butter tortillas, ate a few pringles, and decided to start supplementing gels in addition to solid foods for the rest of the race.
The first loop felt great and I finished in 3:48. But I knew those ridiculous hills were going to get me at some point. I didn’t stay too long, just enough to fill up, eat a bit, and talk to Ty. I headed back out feeling relatively energetic. I knew what I was getting into this time, so I knew it would be getting rough soon. I made it through the first stretch, up the jeep road, and into the 6-mile stretch. Again, I wish I had counted those hills. There were a few that I had forgotten about. I had another scare where I thought I got off-course, but only because two of the hills looked exactly the same. I thought there was only one :( These two particular hills ran along a wire fence and you could see the bends in the wire where runners had used the fence to climb up. Insane, people, just insane.
The downhills were really starting to get to me. My quads started burning and my toes were jamming into the front of my shoe. This was a new problem I hadn’t experience this yet. I felt like I had tiny rocks inside my shoe under my toes and every step started to get more and more irritating. Running was still easy, but the rocks on the trail started hurting the bottoms of my feet. Again, not a problem I’ve had before. All of my previous races were short enough where I didn’t have issues with rocks, but my feet were starting to get pretty annoyed at this point.
I finished the second loop still feeling pretty good, and got excited about running the last loop with
Ty. I knew the ridiculousness of the course would be fun for him, and I needed him with me to get through this last bit. I had brought an second pair of socks just in case and ended up changing them before starting the last loop. The second pair of socks were “cushier” than the first pair. I had never noticed a difference in my socks until this moment. BEST PAIR OF SOCKS EVER! I felt like a new person by the time we took off. I ran pretty well, partly because the first part of the course is easy, and partly because I was super excited that I got to spend some time running with my amazing fiance. I don’t normally enjoy running with people when things get rough, but I can always run with Ty. 

After the first easy bit, things got really rough. The jeep hill slowed me down and I stayed slow for most of the rest of the race. At this point, I was starting to get tired of solid food and relied on tailwind and gels for most of the rest of the race. Ty managed to get some salt pills and a few pringles in me. Luckily, I never had stomach issues, so I learned that I can survive on energy supplements pretty well.
The climbs during this last loop were just as hard, but the downhills were really getting to me. This is the first race where I’ve actually dreaded the downhills. I felt a new kind of physical pain, mostly in my quads and knees, but also a type of mental pain. The feeling of dread knowing that I was coming up on another downhill was an emotion that I didn’t expect or know how to deal with at the moment. I think I’ve always maintained a strong mental state during races, but one of those downhills almost broke me a little. I started getting teary-eyed knowing how bad this was going to hurt. I think I knew that if I started full-out crying, it would be hard to stop. I was getting really tired of being on the course and just wanted to be done, and I knew that crying wouldn’t get me any closer to the finish line, so I pulled myself together and just got myself down the stupid hill. So thankful I had Ty there. He complained about things right along with me, made sure I was eating and drinking, and just generally kept me going. Have I mentioned how awesome I think he is? I was so ready to be done, but I was walking so much that it took forever. The last loop took an hour and 45 minutes longer than the first.
I’m assuming that everyone gets that adrenaline rush when you know you’re close to the finish line. All of a sudden you can run again and you’re wondering why you couldn’t have felt this great during the whole race. I got to the top of a hill and knew I was close to the end. We both took off and I felt like I was flying again. Ty had a nasty little spill so close to the end, but he got up fast and we crossed the finish line together :)

This is definitely the hardest race I’ve ever attempted. Had I known what the course would be like, I probably wouldn’t have registered for it, but now that it’s over, I’m really glad I stuck with it. I had a rough few weeks of training leading up to the race. For whatever reason, my body decided to give up for a bit. I had low energy, my digestive system got kinda wonky, I was generally just cranky pants for about a month. Luckily, I started feeling a bit better just before leaving for the race. In the week after the race, my body settled back into place and everything feels balanced now. I think I just needed a butt-kicking race to get myself back into gear, and whoa buddy, did that race do it :)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Change Your Self Image....Change Your Life!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here with another killer Blog post and a really big PEP TALK to help you get back on track if you are feeling in the slumps or help you get fired up if you are feeling GREAT! =)  But first check out this quick video that Coach Joe Found.  It is amazing and will fire you up.
That was pretty Motiv8ional right?

Ok Lets get Started.  Today I want to Talk about SELF IMAGE!

First Question.......What is it that you want?..........Who do you want to be?......What do you want to accomplish?

Focus these three questions towards the health and fitness side of things.  Really think about it for a little bit.

Do you want to be a person that......

-Looks and feels vibrant, healthy, and energetic
-can do 100 push-ups without stopping
-run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, or marathons
-doesn't suffer from illnesses

-can keep up with their kids on family outings
-is motivated to conquer their workouts and have fun doing it
-is an inspiration to others to stay strong and never give up on their goals
-is just all around motivated and so ridiculously strong it is contagious.

Think about the person you want to be and the goals you want to accomplish. 

Now that you have thought about those ideas write those thoughts down!!!!.....DO IT.....It will make them more real.

Waiting on you to write them down.  =)

Writing is a powerful tool and your brain connects thoughts and actions better when it can see it and read it.  After you have written those thoughts down there is only one thing that you need to do at this point in order to accomplish those goals and to become that person you want to be.

 You have to stop and tell yourself this phrase..... 

I TRULY BELIEVE THAT AM THAT PERSON!..... and I will do the actions/work needed to help me accomplish my dreams/goals!  Nothing is going to hold me back.  I have 100% conviction that I am going to reach my goal.

Motiv8ers saying this one phrase is a step in changing your self image of yourself.  Once you have figured out who you want to be and the goals you want to accomplish you have to truly believe that this is who you are!

Example: if you want to be lean, look like a runner, and be able to do burpees all day but your self image of yourself is an out of shape couch potato who can't even run down the block....then there is no way your going to motivate yourself to get out there and do what runners do...Because your self image of yourself is telling you that you are a lazy couch potato.  In order to be lean and be crazy fit you have to do what those types of people do and tell yourself that you are that type of person!

Motiv8ers be your own therapist and believe that you truly are the person that you want to become and do not allow your negative self image of yourself put doubt in your mind in your abilities to make change happen. 

So many of us start the process of making change but after a few days or weeks we allow our past self's to get in the way of our progress.  We say things like:

-I have never been fit in the past.  It is just to hard for a person like me. 
-I've never been a runner before.  I could never do that.
-No one in my family has been fit before.  it just isn't in my genes.
-I've always been over weight.  That is just who I am.

Crew this is called....."Putting Your Past into your Future!"

This way of thinking is self sabotaging because you are not your past.  You are a new person in this moment.  Remember "What you Think About is what you will get and BECOME!"

If you are constantly putting yourself down and telling yourself that you are not the person you wish to become.  Then guess what? 

You won't ever reach your goal!

Crew all of you have the power and abilities to be whoever you wish to be.  You just have to believe it, feel it, think about it constantly, and Kick your old self out the door and never let that person come back into your life!

Believe in your dream and tell yourself that you are the person that you wish to be and.....that is who you are! Write down who you want to be, read it every morning, and truly believe that is who you are.

Then go out and be a force of Epicness and do the work needed to accomplish your Dreams! 

Do this and you will change your Life!
Crew if you want to learn a little more check out this video from Bob Proctor.  It is a little long better will definitely open your mind to how you might be sabotaging your success just by how you see yourself in your mind.
Motiv8ers I hope this message helps you.  It has definitely helped me in my journey to becoming a better runner, Motiv8 instructor, teacher, friend, and I want to share that story with you.  Come to camp today or tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it.

All of you are amazing and thank you for letting the Motiv8 Team and I help you with your fitness!

Bring the questions and see you soon!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget To Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!



Saturday, June 30, 2018

The 1 Pound Diet!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Alright, I know what you are thinking. "Great, I'll finally learn how to drop a pound a week!" Well, this tip might help you do that, but this blog post isn't necessarily about weight loss. However, this tip can be used to help you meet your weight loss goals and still eat in abundance and feel full.

Let's get started.

Have you ever thought about how many calories are in a pound of food?

Just the other day I was reading Rip Esselstyn's new book "The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health." Rip states that your stomach can only hold about 3 to 5 pounds of food a day. It wants to hold that much food and your body craves it. So in order to feel full and happy in our day, you should eat that much weight of food.

So that got me thinking. How many calories are in a pound of each type of food we eat? The normal person needs to eat about 2,000 calories a day to meet their energy needs, but will that meet the 3 to 5 pound requirement as well? If you eat 2,000 calories in a day how much will all of that weigh?

So I went on google and asked, "How many calories are in a pound of ___."  I searched for several different types of foods and here is what I found:

A pound of normal pepperoni pizza 1,208 calories

A Pound of Apples 237 calories

A pound of olive oil is 3,998 calories

A pound of strawberries is 151 Calories

A pound of potato chips 2,428 calories

A pound of Sweet potatoes 389 calories

A pound of donuts is 2,057 calories

A pound of oatmeal is 306 calories

A pound of cheese 1,831 calories

A pound of lentils 516 calories

As you can see, the results are pretty shocking and it all comes down to three things: The foods that have the least amount of calories per pound are 1) foods that are a real living food, 2) not processed, and 3) have water and fiber. Water in your food has a huge impact on how many calories you take in. Let's look at grapes versus raisins.  A pound of grapes has 306 calories but a pound of raisins has 1,361 calories.  So what is the difference?


That is a huge difference! These two foods are exactly the same, except one is modified from it's original form and has something extracted from it.

So if you are trying to lose weight but you still want to feel full, focus on real whole foods that are lower in calories, have water weight, are nutrient dense versus calorie dense, and have fiber. This will help you reach your 3 to 5 pounds of food a day, but not go over your calorie goal.

So crew, take this info and start figuring out what you can eat a lot of in your day and what you should be limiting so you don't go over your calorie needs.

This is a pretty cool concept, right?

Motiv8ers, I know you have questions, so post below and let's start helping each other be happier and healthier.

If you would like to check out Rip Esselstyn Book "The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health" then click here and get Motiv8ed to take control of your health!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty out!