Monday, December 11, 2017

Ty's Experience with Turning Mountains into Hills!

What's Up Motiv8ers!

So, the information I've put out over the past two weeks has talked about goals and how to reach them. Today, I would like to share my experience with putting those concepts to practice. Have to practice what you preach right? =)  I hope that this post, and my experiences so far, will help inspire many of you take action on the goals you have been procrastinating on.

 A quick reminder:

Two weeks ago, we talked about turning your mountains into hills, which means taking your big goal, like running a marathon, and breaking it down into simple easy-to-do tasks.

Last week, we talked about actually focusing on the small actions needed to reach your goals. If you want to refresh your memory on these blogs,  click on the links above or just scroll down.

Lets get started.

So, it all started with this book. "Mindlift: Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind"

This book is a really fantastic read! It gives 50+ tips and tricks to help keep your mind productive, healthy, and strong. If you are looking for something to help increase your focused awareness, enhanced mental fitness, and limitless personal freedom, this is the book to check out.

I have gone through the book twice now and the topic that has stuck out the most is how to actually conquer tasks that are easy in concept but difficult to execute and start.  For example running a marathon is an easy concept.  Just put one foot in front of the other until you reach 26.2 miles.  Easy concept but hard to execute.  Also eating a healthy diet.  Just eat a whole foods diet full of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and lean meats with no processed junk.  Easy concept to understand but hard to execute.  Basically, once the brain labels a task as hard your chances of starting that task greatly decreases.  So how do you start? You start small.

When I read this, I began to think about all the goals I hadn't accomplish yet and why I never started them. In that moment, I told myself that I wanted to put some focus into starting small and see if I could actually get started with a few of those goals. So I started small!  =) I came up with a small list of goals that I new would be easy to start with.  Check out my list below first and then I'll go into detail of each one.

Coach Ty's Goal List!
  1. Eating greens and vegetables more consistently each week
  2. Running 6 times a week
  3. Writing this blog a little at a time instead of all at once
  4. Cold showers
These sound like easy goals, right? But I just couldn't seem to get started on them.  So, I took the concepts from the book and the tips from my blogs to the test. This is what happened over the past two weeks.

1. Eating more greens and vegetables on a consistent basis each week.

Over the past year I have been thinking that I really need to eat more greens, but every time I buy greens or vegetables from the store they just seem to go bad in the fridge. I am not a big cooker. I love to just use the rice cooker and pop a can of beans and call it a meal. So anything that takes more effort than a rice cooker, I lose interest. And really, I just didn't want to spend the time finding recipes.

So what did I do?  My fiance, Alicia, and I found a company that did all the hard work for us. The company is called Lettuce.  Every Saturday, Lettuce sends us a bag full of vegetables, spices and salsas, along with three easy-to-follow recipes, to match the vegetables in the bag. All you have to do is have a few basic things to go with the recipes like rice, pasta, beans, etc. These are all basic things that I have on a regularly basis anyway, so it wasn't hard. 

Check out some of the pics below of all the cool meals we have been making. Before Lettuce, I never would have put in the effort or mental energy to make these meals. So has it been a success? Definitely! And it has been a blast cooking some very cool meals with Alicia.  The biggest point here is that lettuce laid out the steps in an easy way to follow and understand which helped me take action.

2. Running 6 times a week!

Every week for the past few months, I've told myself that I need to start running more consistently during the week. Especially Monday through Thursday.  Those are my busiest days.  I have some big races coming up in 2018 that I need to prepare for so it is important that I get in some good training. But my mindset towards running on those days has always been, I'll run if I have time.  Work comes first.  Which means basically I never had time to run.  The work excuse always got in the way. So what did I do?

First, I made the commitment to run every day except for Wednesday, since it is my busiest day. Second, I said that I will run at least 2 miles on every run. 2 miles sounds easy, so it became my small step. Then, I placed all of my runs into my weekly schedule. That way, I couldn't pull the "I don't have time" excuse. Finally, I told everyone about it. I told my Motiv8ers, Alicia, and friends so I would stay accountable.  How did I do? Pretty well. This past week I fell off only one day and the added pressure of everyone asking how I was doing helped a lot too.  It got me to run on Thursday when I really didn't want to. I definitely felt proud of myself for taking the small step to making something so important to me a big priority.  Oh and did I still have the time to put in all my work?  Definitely.

3. Writing this blog a little at a time instead of all at once

Now this was a big one for me. Here's the problem. Every Monday morning, I write the Motiv8 blog, email, and then post it onto social media. This process takes about 3 to 4 hours and causes me so much anxiety and stress that once I'm finished, I am mentally exhausted. Because of this, I kept telling myself "this week, I'm going to do a little bit each day so I don't have to do so much on Monday." But did that actually happen? No way. This went on for months. I just couldn't make it happen.  Why?

Basically, my brain was hardwired to only start something if I had time to finish it. For some reason, sitting down and only writing a little over 20 minutes was uncomfortable to me. I didn't want to write something that wasn't perfect. But this mindset was complete BS. Once I recognized my problem, I decided to get uncomfortable and smash this little problem. What did I do?  I started small.  I told myself that I had to write a little bit each day even if it was only for 10 minutes and even if it didn't make sense. And what happened?

I made the effort to write more in the week. For the past two weeks, writing the email and blog on Monday has been a breeze because I had so much material to work with. All I had to do was edit the material and make it look nice. Now a huge part of my weekly stress is starting to go away, so this is a win for sure!  =)

4. Cold Showers

I know what you are thinking, COLD SHOWERS? Why on earth would you want to do that? But there has been a lot of science proving that cold showers are great for your health and gives you a mental boost in the morning. Of course I am all about this =) But...I hate the cold and a cold shower sounds horrible.  But once I read Mindlift, I knew I had to take action. So I committed to taking one cold shower every day, but I made my steps small. Really small.  =)  At first, all I did was put my hands in. That's all I could take. Then the next day I put in my head and hands. Then the third day I started with hot water and slowly got cold. Once it was fully cold, I put my whole body in for five seconds. Today I'm up to three minutes.  =) It took me about a week and a half but it's getting a lot easier and man, do I really feel good after a cold shower. Do I recommend them now?  Heck yes!

If you want to see the health benefits check out this video here.

In conclusion: 

Motiv8ers, why do we talk about things we want to do but never start? Because it is fun to talk about new goals you want to try but in reality it's really uncomfortable to start something new. Disruptions from your normal routine makes your brain say "nope, stay away from that." Your brain just doesn't want to work hard.

But once you understand this and know that you only have to get uncomfortable once, you can start expanding your comfort zone and making yourself into a smarter, healthier person.  I know I have already started to reap the benefits.

When you have a spare minute, check out this book as well.  It was really got my brain thinking.

Motiv8ers, start getting a bit uncomfortable, start small, find tools to help you make actions easy, and began to improve your life. All it takes is being a little more mindful.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty out!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Start Those New Year Resolutions Now!

Whats up Motiv8ers!

Coach Ty here with another Motiv8ion tip for your Epic Monday!

Crew, we have one month left in 2017. The trend for most folks shows that we tend to slack off in December. When it comes to our goals, we usually put them on the back burner, saying "I'll get serious about them when the New Year starts."

But why wait? Why wait for the New Year to start making yourself the person you have always wanted to be?  Why are you letting yourself go over the holidays and falling back into your bad habits?

Crew, remember that exercise and nutrition shouldn't be a program or a diet that you do when you want to be healthy. It should a part of your lifestyle. That is just who you are. A fit healthy person that exercises regularly and eats a whole foods diet for the majority of your week.

Now that you are a little fired up and Motiv8ed, let's talk about New Year Resolutions.

Do you set New Year Resolutions? Why or why not? Are you Motiv8ed and excited to set a new goal that sounds challenging for 2018?

In Motiv8, I recommend setting New Year Resolutions. If you never set a goal you will never have the drive and desire to improve your current self. If you don't know where you are going, then how will you know where to start? Setting goals and resolutions are important for Motiv8ing yourself to start.

But if you only think about the goal, you will fail!

What do I mean by that?

A while back, I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast Episode 310 with Jon Gordon, a bestselling author and prolific keynote speaker. He was discussing a talk he had with a collegiate sports team.  His goal was to get this team fired up about making their upcoming season the best they had ever had. First, he asked that each athlete take out a pen and paper and spend the next ten minutes writing out their goals and dreams for that season.

Once the ten minutes were up, he said, "I want you to take those goals and rip them up." In that moment he saw a lot of upset faces. They had just spent ten minutes writing them out!

But then he said, "I don't care about your goals and dreams, I care about what you are going to commit to, to make those dreams and goals come true!"  Goals give you a place to start, but goals alone will have you failing in the long run. Your main focus needs to be on the day-to-day, week-by-week actions to make that dream a reality.

Sounds a lot like last week's blog post right? =)  Remember Turning Your Mountains into Hills!

Motiv8ers, this brings me to my main topic of the day!

What will you commit to in December! December Commitment Challenge!

Motiv8ers, every month we take on some sort of challenge to help you take that next step in your fitness and health. This month I want you to take on the December Commitment Challenge!

Before you go crazy with your New Year Resolutions, let's start small. Get into the habit of picking a goal and then writing out the small actions you need to do each day to reach that goal. 

Right now, think of a goal that you wanted to conquer in 2017 but didn't. Just one. Let's start small so you can get the hang of it. Also, let's keep this goal in the exercise and nutrition realm.

Did you slack on your diet? Did you not lose those 10 pounds? Have you not conquered that half marathon yet? Are you not able to do as many push ups as you wanted?

What is that one goal that you really wanted to accomplish?

Let's revisit that goal. Write it down on a sheet of paper. Now, think about what you need to do every day to actually achieve this goal. Remember, start small!

Those actions are the commitment that you are going to make for the December Commitment Challenge!

Let's see a few examples:

1. If your goal was to lose 10 pounds, commit to a healthier whole foods diet. Break it down even further. When are you going to go to the grocery store and what foods will you buy? Find recipes to fit the foods that you are committing to eating and then plan when you will prepare these meals. Plan everything into small, easy-to-do actions.

2. If your goal is to run a half marathon, find a plan that breaks down your training. Your plan should show each week with easy, manageable miles that slowly progress as you get stronger.

Note: Make sure you focus on committing to a positive action that you will be doing each week.  Don't focus on a negative action that has you doing nothing. For example, don't say "I am going to stop drinking cola cola every day." Focus on the action that will replace that cola cola.

Motiv8ers, what are you committed to doing in December to help you get stronger and healthier?

Think about it and post below. Helping each other stay committed to our goals is a huge part of this process, so make sure you share what you are going to do. Motiv8ers, share your commitments in your Motiv8 Camps this week. Let's do this!

So, you might be wondering, what is my commitment?

Making time in my busy schedule during the week to fit in my runs. Many times I say "I just have too much work to do" that I never plan my weekly running workouts into my schedule. I just do it when I have time. So this month, I commit to running 6 times a week with a minimum of 2 miles. =)

Motiv8ers, let's do this.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty out!

P.S.  If you would like to check out a book by Jon Gordon, the book "The Carpenter: A Story about the Greatest Success Strategies of All" is a fantastic read.  Find it here.   Promise you will love this book and be inspired to take control of your life.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Turning Your Mountains Into Hills!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here with another Motiv8 tip to help improve your life!

Let me ask you a question. Do you set New Year's Resolutions?

Are you someone who likes to set big goals?

Are you someone who enjoys talking about how you are going to start eating right and drop 20 pounds? Or next year you are going to finally start that workout program?

Think about some of the goals you enjoy talking about but haven't started yet.

Why haven't you started them? Why does it seem so hard to just get started on your goal?

Turns out getting started is a lot harder then just talking about it.

To get an understanding of why this is we need to think about two words.

Motiv8ion and Execution

Motiv8ion is important because it is what sparks the idea and gets us excited. When you watch a movie, or go to a motiv8ional seminar, or read a blog post about getting healthy, all of these avenues might give you an idea that sparks your interest. In that moment, your brain releases dopamine making you feel awesome. You find yourself wanting to tell the whole world about your new idea. It feels great and is exhilarating to talk about a new lifestyle that you are passionate and Motiv8ed to experiment with. But, when it comes time to execute this new idea, you find yourself to uncomfortable or overwhelmed by how hard it sounds to even get started. For example, you have never ran a marathon before, or maybe not even a 5k, so how are you going to get through 26.2 miles. It is too uncomfortable to even think about running that far. Or you hate vegetables. So how in the world are you going to start that new diet if you can't even stand eating half of the food on the meal plan?

So how do you over come this obstacle?

You have to break you goals down from hard to easy.

Turn Your Mountains into Small Hills

You have to break down your big goal into smaller day-by-day, week-by-week tasks. These tasks must be simple for your mind to comprehend so that you can easily add them into your already busy schedule.

Remember, consistency is the key here. If you can't practice the daily actions needed to help you reach your goal, then your dream will never happen.  

So, the first step in conquering your new big goal is....

Focus on the easy first step!

Figure out what your goal is. Then find a program, an app, a coach, a book, an accountability buddy, a training plan, anything to help you break it down into easy manage steps.

For example, many of my Motiv8 clients are running the Austin Full or Half Marathon for the first time in February 2018.  They have never put their body to this type of test before, so naturally, they are nervous and have no idea if they can even complete the race. Many of them would probably talk themselves out of even trying if they had to do the training on their own. But what did I do to help them out? I broke down the whole process into a week-by-week training plan. I had them focus on only the first week, not the whole plan. By doing this, they can see how their body will hold up to the training plan. Don't fully commit to the marathon yet. Just do the first week of training and see how their bodies respond. If it feels good, then move on to the next week. Before they knew it, they were on their fourth week of training and completing their first 5 to 8 mile runs. Their confidence is increasing and the thought of finishing their first marathon is starting to be a possibility.  It all started by focusing on the first easy to take step.

Let's cover one more example: Diet! If you say that you want to get healthier, leaner, and feel all around better, then your diet and nutrition is the first place to start. But, the first thing you hear, from me or a diet book, is you need to switch your diet to a more whole foods diet. What does that mean? You need to eat more fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean meats and take out the processed junk. Then you look at yourself and say, "I can't do that, I hate vegetables and I eat a pop tart for breakfast every morning. I really don't want to change my habits and I really don't want to eat something gross."

But you look at yourself again and say, "But I know need to change in order to get healthy."  In that moment, you might find yourself depressed because you just can't start the process. So what should you do first?  Find the small steps. If completely overhauling your diet is too uncomfortable, then take a small step. Write out the foods you love that you know are bad for you, but you don't want to give up. Then google healthy alternatives to those foods. If you love hamburgers, there are so many awesome delicious veggie burgers out there.  If you love pizza, research how to make your own from healthy ingredients. Keep the foods you love in your diet but just find a healthier way to prepare it, and your health will start to improve.

And, you know what else will start to happen? Through using healthier ingredients, your taste palate will also start to change, helping you enjoy the foods you use to hate.

So in conclusion:

If you want to run a marathon, find a training plan from a coach or online.
If you want to learn a new language, find a program that breaks it down into small goals.
If you want to get stronger and build muscle, find a training plan that starts where you are.
If you want to improve your budget, find a program that helps make it simple for you.

The world is full of programs, coaches, recipes, plans, books, apps, etc that will make your life easier and help you get started on any goal!

Don't settle with the person you are now.  Make an even stronger, smarter, healthier version of yourself and every year improve upon that person. Every year, make yourself stronger than the year before. You can learn anything and be anyone, just focus on the first step. 

The first easy step is the key to accomplishing anything!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Turkey Day Tools & Workouts to Stay Motiv8ed!

What's up Motiv8ers!

Quick blog post here with a few tips and workouts to help you stay Motiv8ed over the break. Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and a time to enjoy family, but sometimes it can send you straight to Lazy Town. Motiv8 has you covered with a few simple tools to help you stay EPIC and awesome over the break.

First, your Motiv8 tip of the day...

Before the holiday hits I want you to make a plan for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Try to put in at least two workouts: one Motiv8 style workout (which I've included below) and one good hour-long run, jog, or walk.

The best days to do these workouts are Friday and Sunday morning. Friday morning is a good day to work off those holiday calories and shake that lazy holiday feeling. Sunday is important because exercise boosts endorphins, making it great way to get you fired up to conquer your week!

This Friday morning, I will be coaching a free workout at Ramsey Park starting at 9am. This workout is called operation Thanksgiving Recovery. =) If you are in Austin, come join us, bring a friend or family member, and let's have a great time!

So before today is over, make a plan and get your loved ones on board as well. Help each other stay awesome over the holiday break.

My next tip is to help you make better decisions on Thanksgiving Day! 

As you know, whole plant based foods are always best with lean meats. But if you have to have that traditional thanksgiving meal along with those awesome desserts, try to use a few of the tips below so you don't fall into Lazy Town.  Check it out!

This Thanksgiving, go with the "Gobble," not the "Squawk"!

·         Squawk: Sweet potato casserole filled with butter and sugar
·         Gobble: Roasted, diced sweet potatoes with a little coconut oil, salt, and cinnamon

·         Squawk: Mashed potatoes fixed with milk and butter
·         Gobble: Mashed cauliflower seasoned with skim milk, chicken broth, garlic/garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese

·         Squawk: Store bought gravy high in fat and sodium
·         Gobble: Homemade gravy. Refrigerate the gravy to harden fat then skim the fat off. This will save a whopping 56 grams of fat per cup

·         Squawk: Dark turkey meat
·         Gobble: White meat and save calories and fat

·         Squawk: Appetizers high in carbs and fat such as crackers, cheese, and dips
·         Gobble: Fresh fruit and vegetable trays with hummus as a side

·         Squawk: Sodas, sweet tea, and excessive alcohol consumption
·         Gobble: Lots of water and if you do drink, wine has fewer calories and sugar than mixed drinks

·         Squawk: Skipping meals to “save calories”
·         Gobble: Eat a healthy breakfast to help avoid over-eating at the Thanksgiving table

·         Squawk: Traditional stuffing fixed with bread and sausage
·         Gobble: Stuffing made with wild or brown rice mixed with fresh chopped vegetables, sliced apples, and low sodium broth

·         Squawk: Green bean casserole fixed with cream soup and topped with fried onions
·         Gobble: Fresh green beans seasoned with herbs and topped with almonds

·         Squawk: Pecan pie made with corn syrup
·         Gobble: Pumpkin pie which has fewer calories, fat, and carbs

·         Squawk: Standing around the food while visiting increases the chances of mindless eating
·         Gobble: Go out for a brisk walk before dinner. The exercise will help decrease appetite and increase metabolism for burning off the Thanksgiving yummies

·         Squawk: Store bought sugary treats that are high in sugar, white flour, and processed
·         Gobble: Make your own holiday desserts. Substitute two egg whites for each whole egg in baked recipes. Replace heavy cream with evaporated skim milk in cheesecakes and cream pies. Top cakes with fresh fruit, fruit sauce, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar instead of fattening frosting.

Motiv8ers, take control of your holiday diet. Don't let it control you! Take care of your body!

Next, At Home Turkey Day Challenge Workouts...

The first challenge is a no-weight workout. This is a killer challenge and will have you burning those holiday calories in no time. Remember, when you finish a challenge, post on the Motiv8 Facebook page to help others to do the same.

Be an EPIC Turkey! 

Do a quick Warm-Up, then jump right in:

100 Jumping jacks

100 Squats
100 Bottom half squats
15 Burpees
30 Jump lunges
15 Burpees
30 Star jumpers
20 Push-ups
30 Pop squats
20 Push-ups
50 Plank saws
50 Full sit-ups
50 Mountain climbers
100 Bicycle crunches.
Butt Burners - 70 each leg
80 Calf raises

That's one crazy workout right there! If some of the reps are a bit much to do all at once, break up the exercises into smaller reps and do a few rounds until you hit the rep count listed.

 Seven Deadly Mini Monsters!!!!

I'll list the exercises first, then describe the workout. Here are the exercises:

10 Narrow to wide pushups (Do a wide pushup then walk your hands under your shoulders and do a narrow push-up. Then walk back to wide and do a wide push-up. Do 5 of each making 10.)
10 each arm Renegade rows or Lawnmowers
10 Squat to shoulder press
10 Step back lunges w/a bicep curl
10 Front raises
10 Overhead tricep extensions
10 Floppy burpees

Ok, here is the format for this workout:

Always start each round with 25 jumping jacks
and end each round with 15 jump squats

Round 1
25 jumping Jacks
10 Narrow to wide Push-ups
15 Jump Squats

Round 2 (add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 Jump squats

Round 3 (
add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 squat to shoulder Press
10 renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 jump squats

Keep adding exercises until you finish

Round 7 (
add an exercise and do it before the old exercise)
25 jumping jacks
10 floppy burpees
10 overhead tricep extensions
10 front raises
10 step back lunges w/ a bicep curl
10 squat to shoulder Press
10 Renegade rows each arm
10 Narrow to Wide Push-ups
15 jump squats

Your Quick Ab Burner =)

Here we go:

15 half sit-ups
25 secs of leg raise to butt raise
25 sec cross crunches left


15 half sit-ups
25 secs of leg raise to butt raise
25 secs cross crunches right


25 sec hard bicycle crunches
10 sec banana
25 sec side oblique crunches left


25 sec hard bicycle crunches
10 sec banana
25 sec side oblique crunches right


50 Russian twists

That is all!
Crew, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your Coach or text me at 512 806 4615.

Finally, many folks ask me about my favorite meal for Thanksgiving since I'm vegan. This is an easy answer =)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili!

Check it out below and if you try it, let me know how you liked it.  This is a staple for me for sure. =)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili! 

Alright crew, those are your tips for the holiday break.

Motiv8ers, thank you for all of your support and letting Motiv8 help you with your fitness. If you keep up your hard work, we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Have one amazing holiday break! We will be back in a couple of days to bug you about getting in those workouts.  =)

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Why Meditate & How to Conquer Negaitve Self Talk!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here with another great tip from the Motiv8 Team.  Sit back for a few minutes and let me help you on your journey to becoming a fitter, healthier, and a happier Motiv8er.  =)

Ok, let's get started.

Motiv8ers, how is your Mov-ember challenge going? Did you get in your four workouts last week?  Do you have your four workouts planned into your schedule for this week?

For some of you, getting four workouts in a week is a really hard endeavor. Why is that?

Because your daily habits and routines don't support the habit of you exercising that much each week.

You might say, "I am planning four workouts into my schedule but I just can't seem to get myself to do it!" "I'm following your advice from the last blog post about planning out each day before it happens, but I still find myself being unproductive."  

If this is happening, then it is your mind and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Motiv8ers, today's post is all about CONQUERING THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK!

Attention and Focus

Crew, whatever you set your attention and focus to will improve.  If you focus your attention on finances, they will improve. If you focus your attention on your health, it will improve. Whatever you focus on consistently over time will start to improve. This theory also holds true to our thoughts.  Whatever thoughts you pay attention to will become your norm over time.

One problem so many of us have is focusing on thoughts about events in the future that haven't even happened yet. We create a whole story about what we think will happen and 85% of the time that story isn't fun and may cause a lot stress and anxiety. The event hasn't even happened yet and you are already a nervous wreck. This anxiety or stress may prevent you from showing up to a meeting, stop you from going to workout, or prevent you from starting that new healthy diet.

If your mind always focuses on the negative, you will start to produce more negativity!

And then your productivity begins to crash.

So how to you fight your negative self talk?  Because for many of us, self talk has its claws dug in deep...


Motiv8ers, meditation is a tool that you need to have in your life. The mind is a powerful tool that you have at your finger tips, but if you don't spend time each day taking care of it, it will be your down fall. 

What do I mean by this? Meditation isn't about calming the mind and finding your zen. It is more about learning how to manage your thoughts, recognizing the thoughts that help you, and how to let go of the thoughts that harm you. Have you ever heard of mindfulness? Being mindful of your thoughts allows you to take control of your thoughts, rather than letting your thoughts control you. Thoughts will always be in your mind, but meditation you can teach you how to stay focused on what is important and not allow negative thoughts to take control. Watch this one minute video to get a better perspective.

That is a different way of thinking about meditation, right? The goal is to observe your thoughts and let them pass you by. Don't follow the thoughts and get wrapped up in a story that you created that isn't even real yet. Just observe and then go back to the focusing on the task at hand. By doing this more, you will find yourself learning how to be happier, have better focus, treat others better, keep anger under control, and be a much more positive person. Pretty cool, right?

Let me give a quick example. Your focus is to make your morning workout. You plan it into your schedule and prep your clothes. Tomorrow morning comes and the alarm goes off. In that moment, once you wake up, you instantly think "This bed feels good," or "I can workout tomorrow, " or "Today is going to be hard, I need more rest," or "Ty is going to make me do burpees, I am staying home."  Before you know it, you have created so many excuses of why you shouldn't go. Now it's past time to leave for the workout, so you decide to stay home.  You got wrapped up in a story that you created and it wasn't even real yet. Later in the day, you're frustrated and angry at yourself for not going to your morning workout.

But a mindful mind would acknowledge those thoughts as just thoughts.  A mindful mind would let those thoughts go and  allow itself to come back to the main focus which was "to show up to their morning workout."

Sounds too easy to be true, right? Well, give it a try and find out for yourself.

All you need is just 5 to 10 minutes a day. Here is a tool to help you get started. I like to use a guided meditation program called HeadSpace. This app has a free version for any smartphone. The free version has ten 10-minute guided meditation sessions to help you get started.  Trust me, it has helped me and is awesome. I use it almost every day. You only need ten minutes and a comfortable place to sit. Check out their website here. Finally, check out this video from HeadSpace to learn how to get started with meditation.

Motiv8ers, now that you have some HeadSpace, let go of all the bullshit going on in your head that is holding you back. Stop saying negative things to yourself and start taking action on the tasks that you know will improve your life.

Take a few minutes each day to pay attention to yourself and see a whole new you.

Motiv8ers Stay EPIC and Don't Forget To Be AWESOME!!!

Coach Ty Out!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

How to Become More Productive

Motiv8ers, are you finding yourself not being able to stay productive through out the day or week?  Are you finding yourself cheating on your clean eating challenge and wondering why cheated? Are you finding it hard to motiv8 yourself or make time for your Motiv8 Workouts? If so, then this Motiv8 tip will definitely help.

Have you ever heard of the phrase,"Decision Fatigue?"

Think of your brain as a muscle just like the muscle in your bicep. Each day that muscle (your brain) has only so much mental strength or energy that it can use through out the day. You can train it to be stronger but it can only do so much.
So if you have a limited amount of mental energy each day, you want to make sure you use it for what is important right?  Things like:
-Making decisions for your job
-Finishing job tasks
-Talking to clients
-Making the right decisions for your family
-Focusing on taking those small steps each day to push your dreams forward

All of these things need our attention but many of us find ourselves in a constant state of being unproductive and not having anytime to do what is important. Do you know why this is?

Because many of us waste our mental energy trying to make little decisions in the moment that we should have planned out ahead of time.  For example:
-What am I going to wear today
-What should I have for breakfast
-What should I have for lunch
-Should I workout today or not
-What task do I need to do next
-Do I go to grocery store now or after work

Motiv8ers, if you wait too long to decide the above tasks, you could end up making the wrong decision and making yourself frustrated in the process.

Which brings me to my main point.....The more decisions you have to make in your day, the less productive you will be. The more you plan out your day and the less decisions you have to make in the moment, the more productive you will be. FACT.

So crew, take out the small decisions in your day and be more productive. The night before you go to bed, take out a note pad and spend a few minutes mapping out your whole day. What are you going to eat, when are you going to workout, what clothes are your going to wear. Plan it all out.

Then in the moment you will have a less chance of making the wrong choice because the decision of what to do has already been made. You just look at your plan and execute.
This can be tied into your diet as well. If you wait for the moment to choose what you are going to eat most of the time you will pick the wrong choice that isn't healthy for you at all. But if you prep your meals the night before or plan on going somewhere healthy for lunch you will be more likely to be successful, allowing yourself to be happier and healthier.
For Example: Last Sunday I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of food for the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge. That night I prepped my meals and planned out when I was going to cook later in the week. So far I am on my third day of not spending any extra money on food and I have been eating really well.  And this productivity is paying off.  My energy has been great, I've been saving money, and I can definitely tell I am healing faster from workouts, which is great too.  Here was my grocery pic.
Motiv8ers, prepping and planning out my meals for the week is new for me.  I am usually a day by day kind of person when it comes to food. I do eat healthy the majority of the time, but it's hard to skip the the foods that look super tasty when you go to Tacodeli or the pre-made food section in Whole Foods. So this challenge is definitely forming some new healthy habits for me that I know are going to stick, help me be a better athlete, be even healthier, and be more productive.  Hope you take on the challenge as well. =)

Crew, plan out your day before it happens so you can be productive, healthy, and the happiest person you can be.  Don't wait for the moment to make the small decisions in your life.


Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Heart Rate Training for Weight Loss!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Hope you are having the best day. 

Below are three tips that I posted on the Motiv8 Running Crew Facebook page that got a lot of attention and is a topic that I have been hitting hard in our workouts.  I wanted to post these three tips in a place where they would never disappear and give you easy access to find this information again if you needed it.

Motiv8ers loosing weight, getting stronger for an upcoming race, or just improving ones over all health is always the biggest topic at our workouts.  We have been hitting the topic of nutrition hard to help you loose that unwanted body fat and give you the energy you need to help you feel awesome.  But, there is another tool that you can use to help shed off that unwanted body fat and help boost your energy.  That is....

Heart Rate Training!

Motiv8ers check out the three tips below and if you have an questions don't hesitate to post below.

Tip #1 Heart Rate Training! Why do it?

Motiv8ers have you ever wondered what good is a heart monitor or how do the hell do you use a heart monitor to help improve your running, biking, or to help you loose weight? Well let me give you a few training tips here that will give you some ideas.

First, in my research and experience I have found that in order to improve your running quickly and see improvements fast, you need to workout in the extremes. Make easy days easy and hard days really hard. I find most people pretty mush hover in the middle. The Grey Zone. They make easy days to hard because they want that feeling of accomplishment from a hard run and they don't push themselves hard enough on hard days because it is way to uncomfortable. 

Pushing to hard on easy runs prevents your cardiovascular system from recovering from a hard workout the day before and might start the process of a new injury because you are not letting muscles rest. This in all, will be wearing you down instead of helping you get stronger and faster.
So how do you know if you are pushing to hard on easy days or not pushing hard enough on hard days? You follow your heart rate!

Crew below is a graph that maps out the Heart Rate Zones! There are 5 zones and it is very important that you understand all 5. Also below I'll write out which zones you should stay in for each type of workout. Lets get started.

Note: This is for running workouts. If you only do Boot Camp then ask me in class about which zones you should be in for your workout.

Easy Runs: Zone 2 or low Zone 3
Tempo Runs: Zone 3 or low Zone 4
Easy Long Run: Zone 2 or Low Zone 3
Training Long Run: Zone 3
Long Intervals like 1/2 mile or Full Mile repeats: Zone 4
Short Intervals like 200m or 400m? Zone 5

Example: Yesterday I ran an easy 5 miles. Goal was to stay in Zone 2. Which means I had to keep my heart rate under 131. That is super low and my avg. pace was 9:30. Which for me feels slow and I wanted to push harder. But the training says don't. Hold back so your body can heal. And, Today I am going to do a 3 mile tempo run. Heart rate target for me is in between 148 and 152. Right at the top part of Zone 3. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Crew there is so much more advice I can give on this topic but for now lets stop there. Check out the graph, ask questions below, and lets start improving our running ability.

Tip #2 Do you eat a little bit the morning of your workouts or long runs?

In my opinion it comes down to what your goals are for that run. If you are already a fast runner and you are going to be pushing this long run hard, to help you get a PR on an up coming race, then I would say yes, eat a little bit before like a few pieces of fruit. This will give you a little bit of extra sugar/energy to burn during your run. Then while running start the process of gels every 30 minutes.

But if your goal is weight loss, or you are getting ready for an upcoming ultramarathon, then I would say no. Don't eat before you run. For weight loss and long distance racing it is important to train your body to burn fat for fuel. Only using your sugar,glycogen stores when you absolutely need to.

When you first wake up in the morning, your insulin level is quite low and most people are just starting to enter the fasted state, 12 hours after eating the last meal of the previous day. The worst thing you could do is to eat food, spiking insulin and glucose and immediately shutting off the fat-burning process. As soon as you put sugar into the system your body switches to that. So don't eat before the long run and fully enter the fasted state and burn stored body fat.

Note: it is important to not let your heart rate go above Zone 3 during this run or your body will switch from fat burning to burning Glycogen/sugar. As soon as your body enters Zone 4, which is an anaerobic state, your body needs a more efficient energy source to burn, which is sugar or glycogen that is stored in your muscles. This energy will burn out fast and at that point you will need to start the gel process.

So in conclusion. If you are training for a fast race to PR then eat before your long run. If you are trying to loose weight or train your body to burn fat for an ultra marathon, then don't eat before your long run so you can stay in the fat burning zone and remember to keep your heart rate low.

Last thing. If you don't eat before your run and want to stay in fat burning but your long run that day is going to take you around 3 to 5 hours then I would start eating a little bit every 30 minutes starting on the first hour. Just to make sure you don't crash and especially if you are new to this process.
Motiv8ers post below with your thoughts and do you eat before your run?

Tip #3  Zone 2 training for weight loss and base building for a marathon or half marathon!

Crew lets start with weight loss first. If you don't know what I mean by Zone 2 training then check out the picture above. Zone 2 is 60 to 70% of your max heart rate. As you can see this heart rate will improve general base fitness, improve recovery, and boosts your metabolism. If your goal for most of your cardio is weight loss, then staying in this zone is very important. Because look, once your heart starts to move into the Anaerobic zone, meaning high zone 3 or zone 4, your body needs a more efficient source of fuel. That fuel is glycogen, which is stored sugar in your muscles. Keeping your heart rate in Zone 2 will ensure that you are not working to hard and will keep you in that fat burning zone. For maximum fat burning do low intensity cardio in the morning before you have your first meal. You will start your cardio in a fasting stat and through staying in zone 2 you will see maximum fat burn. To understand this process more re read Tip #2.

If you are a Motiv8 boot camper in the morning and your heart rate gets high every day that is fine. Just don't eat in the morning so you can start in that fat burning zone and over the weekends just try to get in some low intensity cardio in the morning to maximize your results.

Now for marathon training. The theory is this. If you are new to running and you have never ran a marathon or half marathon before then you need to train your body to handle the work load. Your bones, joints, heart, lunges, and muscles are just not used to moving the amount needed to get through a marathon. To ensure that you are not over training, and to prevent an injury, you need to do a lot of easy miles first. Lets say you want to start training 5 days a week and we are going to do base training for the next month and a half to get you ready for the real marathon training coming soon. 4 of those runs need to be in Zone 2. The goal is to be moving your body and getting it used to putting in the miles. And don't get discouraged if your zone 2 is only a fast walk. Your heart rate will improve over time. This training will make sure you are not pushing the system to hard and help you start building that base you need without getting injured. Your recovery will be fast and you will find that your energy will stay stable. You won't have that extreme fatigue and tired feeling through out your week from training.

Now that one workout a week needs to be a run that you push pretty hard. You will push this run or workout in high zone 3 or zone 4. This run will help you improve that heart rate over time. But only one per week.

Motiv8ers I hope these three tips have helped you.  There is still a lot to discuss about on this topic so please join the Motiv8 Running Crew page or the Motiv8 HQ page for updates and to ask any questions you might have.  There is a ton of info here to get you started and use it to help you get started.  Remember I am right here to help you along the way.  Just reach out to me with your questions Motiv8ers.

No Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Monday, October 23, 2017

There is POWER in a Clean Diet!

Motiv8ers we have a problem!

You hear me talk about this problem almost every day but why is it that many people don't take action on it!?!?!?

Did you know that processed foods are causing one of the biggest health crisis the world has ever seen. This crisis is happening right now with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, obesity, arthritis,  osteoporosis, and many other health issues.  Did you know that the majority of these health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation in the joints, obesity and much more can all be cured quickly by just focusing on the foods you put in your body.

Motiv8ers if you are eating foods like the ones below you will have a high risk of acquiring many of the major health issues posted above.
or these..

Many of you know me, Coach Ty, and many of you see me as possibly a freak of nature that runs marathons, 60k, and 100 mile races and I was just born with good genes.  Well that is far from the truth.  In high school and college I really wasn't fit at all.  I was a band guy that didn't do any sports and nor did I want to do sports or physical activity.  Running was hard and in college once I started training for my first marathon I was constantly managing injuries like a pulled hamstring, IT band pain, metatarsal fracture, and shin splints.

But back in 2009 I really started to focus on the foods I put in my body.  I took the whole foods nutrition to heart after studying what other runners diets looked like who were doing what I wanted to do. Once I cut out all of the processed foods and made sure I was eating enough each day every thing started to fall in to place.  I leaned up fast, I had more energy than I knew what to do with, building muscle became easy, exercising and running became fun, my recovery time became shorter, and my fitness journey sky rocketed quick!!

And all I did was take out the man made foods, brought in the whole plant based foods, and made sure I ate enough each day.

Now Motiv8ers don't take my word for it.  Motiv8er David Valenti has a similar story.

David Valenti is 52 years old and if you talked to him now he would tell you that he is fitter than he has ever been in his life.  He is setting personal records in triathlons, Half marathons, 10k's, 10 milers, building muscle faster then he ever has before, and on his birthday we did 520 Burpees to celebrate just how fit he has become.

Has he always been this fit though!?!? not at all.  Check out his before and after pic.

David has been training with me, and our crew, for a little over 4 years now.  This morning at the 5:30am Ramsey SET he told us his story and said in the first two years he would just show up to the workouts regularly but he didn't pay much attention to the foods he was putting in his body.  He would eat basically what ever he wanted.  In that time frame he lost 3% body fat,  he was still racing but no real improvements, and the fitness gains and muscle growth came slowly.

Then I sent our group an email about the importance of focusing on your nutrition and how nutrition is almost 90% percent of the fitness journey. And then, something clicked in his head.  he took that message to heart. David began to take out the process sugars and focused on a more whole foods nutrition plan and he went from an average person to a fitness prodigy in a short amount of time.  Exercise became fun, muscle starting growing fast, and in just a few months he dropped 20% percent body fat.  That is huge and all he did was put the right foods in his body, took out the wrong foods, and focused on little bit of exercise consistently each day.  Now, all of you know him as EPIC FIT DAVID!!  I have a hard time keeping up with him in the workouts now. =)

Motiv8ers there is power, energy, health, happiness, longevity, and constant improvements when you have a clean diet focused entirely on whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and small amounts of lean meats.

So what is your Goal?

What path will you choose?

You don't have to starve yourself either.  You just have to choose the right foods!

  Motiv8ers the Motiv8 team is here to help.  If you are ready to take action but don't know where to start then reach out to your Motiv8 Coach or reach out to me.  We will help you focus your goals into small tasks that you can take daily so you can become the person you want to become.

Also Crew check out past blog posts to give you tools to help you form those healthy habits you will need to make the change you are looking for and keep those changes.

All it takes is you saying, "I AM READY TO MAKE A CHANGE!"

Motiv8ers Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Take action now because the Motiv8 Team and I want you to be just as EPIC as we know you can be!

More Nutrition info coming soon.

Coach Ty Out!!

See you at your Motiv8 SET!

Monday, October 16, 2017

3 Steps to Making a New Lifestyle Change Stick & Stay Consistent!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here with a quick tip.

Motiv8ers are you finding it hard this time of year to stay motiv8ed to show up to your workouts or to stay on top of that nutrition plan so you can see the results you want?

I know I do sometimes.  But, over the past few months working with you and going through the Motiv8 Clean Eating Challenge that we did in March I have developed some steps that were super effective in helping me, and a few of you, to stay on top of our goals, nutrition plan, and not allow ourselves to cheat.  There were still bad days but those bad days were much less then before.

First, I want to share some phrases with you that I hear a lot.
  • "Ty I have gained weight and I know what to do to get it off again but I just can't find the Motiv8ion to stay consistent.  My life is just so busy"
  • "Ty I need to get onto some type of nutrition plan but it is just hard to stay consistent."
  • "Ty my problem isn't knowing what to do to get into shape it is finding the time each week to stay consistent to a plan."
  • "Ty sometimes I have a hard time staying Motiv8ed.  I am just tired.  Work is crazy."
Do you see the problem here?

Everyone knows what to do to be fit and healthy but they just can't seem to find the time or Motiv8ion to stay consistent.

And Motiv8ers, lets get real for a second.  You have the time, but the problem is your health isn't important to you yet.  Ask yourself right now. Is your HEALTH important? The answer should be YES!  You will make time, and find time, for the things that are important to you.  So make yourself a priority and lets get busy.

Remember consistency is key.   So what do you do?

There are 3 simple steps that you need to do, that I did over the past few months, that will help you stay consistent.  Those 3 steps are......
  1. Write Down Your Plan.
  2. Schedule Your Plan into Your Schedule.
  3. Tell Everyone about Your Plan for Accountability.
Sounds simple right?  But guess what?  NO ONE DOES IT!

Motiv8ers today I challenge you to take on the steps below.  Will you take on the challenge to help you be more consistent and start seeing the results you want?  Will you finally take control of your life?

Will it be a struggle? YES.  Because you will be working on changing habits and routines.  But if you can fight through that struggle, you will be so much happier in the long run.  Remember it only takes 20 days to form a new habit so that struggle won't last long.  Just hang in there.

Ok, lets get started.  Here are the 3 steps that you should take right now to help you accomplish anything you are struggle to get done.

  1. Write Down Your Plan- First what is it that you want to accomplish? Write it down.  It can be anything. Then write down why you haven't accomplished it.  What is getting in the way? How can you work around those problems?  Once you have acknowledged the problem areas then write down what you need to do each day to make your goal become a reality.  What are the steps you need to take each day to make it happen.  Write out the plan.  If you need help with this step let your Motiv8 Coach know. Once you have your plan move on to the next step. 
  2. Schedule Your Plan Into Your Day and Weeks- If you have read my blog post titled "Ty's Personal Experience with the Clean Eating Challenge" you will know that this step was a crucial part in helping me be successful.  Without it, I never would have been able to take on the Clean Eating Challenge and be successful.  Step one, put your plan into your schedule.  When will you be doing your steps each day?  Give your steps an exact time each day.  Step two, only do those steps during that time.  Don't multitask. Do not let anything get in the way of that task.  it is just as important as a work meeting.  Everyone has time to accomplish anything, you just have to make time and schedule that time. Once you have your daily schedule mapped out move on to the last step.
  3. Tell Everyone about Your Plan for Accountability-  This step is the number one most important step.  You need accountability.  Without it you will find ways to justify cheating on your plan and you will find yourself saying these words, "I just have to cheat today.  I need it to relieve some stress.  I'll get back on track on Monday."  But then you find yourself never getting back on track.  So what do you do? Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your fellow Motiv8ers you workout with, and tell your Motiv8 Coach about your plan.  If you have people that you want to make proud, and not let down, you will not cheat on your goals or steps.  That is a FACT!  Motiv8ers use the people around you to help you stay accountable and Motiv8ed. Start now with asking for help.  Remember we are all in this together. 
Motiv8ers will you take on this challenge?  If you are post below with a thumbs up.

Remember these steps will help you form new healthy habits that will help you accomplish all kinds of things like eating better, maybe quit smoking, getting into better shape, or start cooking your own meals, etc.  No matter what your plan is make sure to schedule it into your day and then share it with others.  Those are the only way you will accomplish your new plan.

Trust me these simple steps will get you back on track and help you stay Motiv8ed!  =)

Motiv8ers stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

See you at your SET!