Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Motiv8 Health Success Guide!

Hi Motiv8ers and EPIC people looking to get a jump start!

If you are reading this blog post, that means we are now in 2018 and you are looking for something to help guide you to be a healthier, more productive, and stronger version of you.

Will this blog help you become healthier? YES!
Will this blog help you get stronger? YES!
Will this blog help you become more productive? YES!
Will this blog help you become happier? YES!

What it will not be able to do, however, is hold your hand. It will not pull you out of your comfort zone and make you take action. This step has to come from you.

Folks, 2019 needs to be the year that you take control of every aspect of your life.  Stop saying "next week or next year."  You want to be healthier? Then do it.  You want to be stronger? Then do it. You want to make more money? Then do it. You want to live a life that you are proud of? Then make it happen!

You are the creator of your life and there is nothing holding you back but you!

So in 2019, don't make excuses, just make things happen!

Motiv8ers, below you will find an overview of all the Motiv8 blogs that we put out in 2018. Find the topics that cover the part of your life that you struggle with and use the tips as tools to help you make a change starting right now!

Let's get started. Your 2019 Healthy Success Guide Starts Now!

Self Image, Limiting Beliefs, Habits and Routines: 

If your habits and routines are not supporting the changes you want to make, you will never be successful. You have to learn to change YOURSELF first before you can take action and make yourself healthier. Check out these blogs below.

Self Image and Limiting Beliefs:

All of these blogs focus on mindset and positive thinking. Change your mind and your life will change.

Change Your Self Image, Change your Life!
Time to Smash Your Limiting Beliefs!
Do You Know How To Think?
Turn Motiv8ion Into Determination!
How to Fight the Lazy Voice!
How to Become More Productive!
How to Achieve a Dream!
Be Somebody's Hero!
How HIIT Training Changed Me!
How to Get Out of a Plateau!

Habits and Routines: These blogs focus on how to take the first step in forming goals, taking action, creating healthy habits, and how to stay successful in the long-term.

Turning Mountains Into Hills!
Ty's Experience With Turning Mountains Into Hills!
How to adopt a New Healthy Habit!
3 Steps to making a new lifestyle Change Stick!
How to Stay Focused and Motiv8ed 
Why Track Your Progress?

I know this list might seem daunting, but you have to change the person you are now if you want to make a positive change in your health. Don't overlook this part of the journey.

The Nutrition Advice You Are Looking For! 

What to Eat!
Let's start off with the Motiv8 Clean Eating Challenge. Don't know what to eat? Check out the blogs below and see what Motiv8 recommends as the best diet to help you see peak performance.

28 Day Clean Eating Challenge!
Ty's Personal Experience with the Clean Eating Challenge!

How to Count Your Calories!
Motiv8ers, counting your calories is the number one way to see if you are eating enough or if you are eating too much. When trying to lose weight, counting your calories is the best way to help you realize just how much you should be eating every day. Check out the blog to learn more and to easily get started.

Calorie Counting Made Simple!

Take Control of Your Eating!
Next is information on how to take control our your nutrition, how sugar digests in your body, and how to eat to help you lose weight and have more energy than you have ever had.

Change Your Environment to Build Happiness and Health
How To Be More Disciplined in Your Nutrition!
Why You have No Energy and feel so Tired!
There is Power in a Clean Diet!
Make Every Thing You Eat Have a Purpose!
Hydration and Why it is So Important!
Heart Rate Training for Weight Loss!

Back in April we did a fiber challenge. Check out these blogs to see what the challenge is and really understand why fiber is so important.

Fiber and the Microbiome!
A Nutrition Call to Action!
Do You Count Your Fiber?
Why Eat Beans Daily?
Green Smoothie Challenge for April!

Lastly, Results!

Motiv8ers, it is awesome to talk about all of this, but do we know if it actually produces results? It absolutely does! Check out these two blogs below. The first one is about Ryan Shonts. He followed our advice to the T, dropped 45 pounds, and now has tons of energy. The second blog is about a few of our Motiv8ers who have also had awesome success following the program.

How Ryan Became a New Person!
Motiv8 Success Stories!

Motiv8ers I hope this blog helps you.

Lets start taking control of our health and make 2019 the best year yet.

Use this blog as a guide to help you on your journey. Read over one blog post a day and I promise you will find the information and tools you need to become the healthiest you have ever been.

If you have any questions post below or email me at info@motiv8fitness.net

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!