Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Become More Productive

Motiv8ers are you finding yourself not being able to stay productive through out the day or week?  Are you finding yourself cheating on your clean eating challenge and wondering why did you do that?  Are you finding it hard to motiv8 yourself or find a time to make it out to your Motiv8 Workouts?  If so then this Motiv8 tip will definitely help.
Motiv8ers I have a question for you......
Have you ever heard of the phrase......"Decision Fatigue?"

Think of your brain as a muscle just like the muscle in your bicep. Each day that muscle, your brain, as only so much mental strength/energy that it can use through out the day.   You can train it to be stronger but each day it can only do so much. 
So if you only have a limited amount of mental energy each day you want to make sure you use it for what is important right?  Things like......
-Making decisions for your Job
-Talking to clients
-getting the work done that you need to do for your job
-Making the right decisions for your family
-focusing on taking those small steps each day to push your dreams forward.

All of these things need our attention but many of us find ourselves in a constant state of being unproductive and not having anytime to do what is important.......Do you know why this is?

Because many of us waste our mental energy trying to make little decisions in the moment that we should have planned out ahead of time.  For example....
-What am I going to wear today
-What should I have for breakfast.
-What should I have for Lunch
-Should I workout today or not
-What task do I need to do next
-Do I go to grocery store now or after work

 Motiv8ers if you wait for the moment to decide the above tasks you usually end up making the wrong choice and spending way to long making a decision wasting your time and then making you frustrated.

Which brings me to my main point....."The more decisions you have to make in your day the less productive you will be.  The better you plan out your day and the less decisions you have to make the more productive you will be." FACT.

So Crew take out the small decisions in your day and weeks and be more productive.  The night before before you go to bed take out a note pad and spend a few minutes mapping out your whole day.  What are you going to eat, when are you going to workout, what clothes are your going to wear.  Plan it all out.

Then in the moment you will have a less chance of making the wrong choice because the decision of what to do has already been made.  You just look at your plan and execute
That can be tied into your diet as well.  If you wait for the moment to choose what you are going to eat most of the time you will pick the wrong choice that isn't healthy for you at all.  But if you prep your meals the night before or plan on going somewhere healthy for lunch you will be more likely to be successful and then you will be happier and healthier.
For Example: Last Sunday I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of food for the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge.  That night I prepped my meals and planned out when I was going to cook more later in the week.  So far I am on my third day of not spending any extra money on food and I have been eating really well.  And, this productivity is paying off.  My energy has been feeling great, I've been saving money, and I can definitely tell I am healing faster from workouts which is great too.  Here was my Grocery pic.
Motiv8ers prepping my meals and planning out my meals for the week is new for me.  I am usually a day by day kind of person when it comes to food.  I do eat healthy the majority of the time but it's hard many times when you go to tacodeli, or the pre-made food section in whole foods, to not pick those foods that look super tasty but aren't that great for you.  So, this challenge is definitely forming some new healthy habits for me that I know are going to stick, help me be a better athlete, be even healthier, and be more productive.   Hope you take on the challenge as well. =)

So Crew plan out your day before it happens so you can be productive, healthy, and the happiest person you can be.  Don't wait for the moment to make the small decisions in your life.

Motiv8ers next week I am going to try and hit the recipes hard for the Food Challenge.
In the meantime Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!
Coach Ty Out!

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