Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Become More Productive

Motiv8ers are you finding yourself not being able to stay productive through out the day or week?  Are you finding yourself cheating on your clean eating challenge and wondering why did you do that?  Are you finding it hard to motiv8 yourself or find a time to make it out to your Motiv8 Workouts?  If so then this Motiv8 tip will definitely help.
Motiv8ers I have a question for you......
Have you ever heard of the phrase......"Decision Fatigue?"

Think of your brain as a muscle just like the muscle in your bicep. Each day that muscle, your brain, as only so much mental strength/energy that it can use through out the day.   You can train it to be stronger but each day it can only do so much. 
So if you only have a limited amount of mental energy each day you want to make sure you use it for what is important right?  Things like......
-Making decisions for your Job
-Talking to clients
-getting the work done that you need to do for your job
-Making the right decisions for your family
-focusing on taking those small steps each day to push your dreams forward.

All of these things need our attention but many of us find ourselves in a constant state of being unproductive and not having anytime to do what is important.......Do you know why this is?

Because many of us waste our mental energy trying to make little decisions in the moment that we should have planned out ahead of time.  For example....
-What am I going to wear today
-What should I have for breakfast.
-What should I have for Lunch
-Should I workout today or not
-What task do I need to do next
-Do I go to grocery store now or after work

 Motiv8ers if you wait for the moment to decide the above tasks you usually end up making the wrong choice and spending way to long making a decision wasting your time and then making you frustrated.

Which brings me to my main point....."The more decisions you have to make in your day the less productive you will be.  The better you plan out your day and the less decisions you have to make the more productive you will be." FACT.

So Crew take out the small decisions in your day and weeks and be more productive.  The night before before you go to bed take out a note pad and spend a few minutes mapping out your whole day.  What are you going to eat, when are you going to workout, what clothes are your going to wear.  Plan it all out.

Then in the moment you will have a less chance of making the wrong choice because the decision of what to do has already been made.  You just look at your plan and execute
That can be tied into your diet as well.  If you wait for the moment to choose what you are going to eat most of the time you will pick the wrong choice that isn't healthy for you at all.  But if you prep your meals the night before or plan on going somewhere healthy for lunch you will be more likely to be successful and then you will be happier and healthier.
For Example: Last Sunday I went to the grocery store and bought a ton of food for the 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge.  That night I prepped my meals and planned out when I was going to cook more later in the week.  So far I am on my third day of not spending any extra money on food and I have been eating really well.  And, this productivity is paying off.  My energy has been feeling great, I've been saving money, and I can definitely tell I am healing faster from workouts which is great too.  Here was my Grocery pic.
Motiv8ers prepping my meals and planning out my meals for the week is new for me.  I am usually a day by day kind of person when it comes to food.  I do eat healthy the majority of the time but it's hard many times when you go to tacodeli, or the pre-made food section in whole foods, to not pick those foods that look super tasty but aren't that great for you.  So, this challenge is definitely forming some new healthy habits for me that I know are going to stick, help me be a better athlete, be even healthier, and be more productive.   Hope you take on the challenge as well. =)

So Crew plan out your day before it happens so you can be productive, healthy, and the happiest person you can be.  Don't wait for the moment to make the small decisions in your life.

Motiv8ers next week I am going to try and hit the recipes hard for the Food Challenge.
In the meantime Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!
Coach Ty Out!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why You Have No Energy & Feel So Tired!

Happy Hump Day!!

Hi Motiv8ers!

Coach Ty here.  So, today's post is a topic you have already heard, but it is so important that we have those healthy reminders.  So today's post is about why you need to eat real whole plant foods every day in order to be healthy, lean, and have the energy you are looking for to help you get through your day and workouts.

First, let's start with a quick video.  This video talks about the importance of having a lot of fiber in your diet. Check it out.  The video is 5 minutes long and it is from the Nutrition Facts Team.

Alright Crew Lets move into our topic for today.....

"Why You Have No Energy and Feel So Tired!"

  Motiv8ers lets start with the basics.

How does the body Generate Energy? 

Our primary fuel source to get through our day and our workouts comes from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates break down into sugars.  The body then converts those sugars into glucose.  Glucose is transferred and stored in your muscles and is then used as fuel when you start any type of physical activity. Great sources of Carbohydrates are any type of plant based whole foods such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Starches
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Small portions of nuts and seeds
These foods will give you tons of energy, help you get stronger, and make you feel great!

  But....I know what you're thinkingSo then why do so many people say carbs are bad?!

What Makes a Bad Carbohydrate Bad?

When folks speak of bad carbohydrates, they are mostly speaking of man-made processed carbohydrates like breads, candy, sodas, pasta, box meals, etc.  You get the idea.  Anything that has been taking out of its original form and put into a box. 

So why are these foods bad?  The main reason is the absence of fiber.  Sugar without fiber is bad news!

Fiber prevents sugar from digesting too quickly.  If sugar enters your system without fiber your blood sugar levels will more then likely rise to a dangerous level. Your pancreas will then pump out insulin that will will travel into your blood stream and will remove the sugars balancing out that blood sugar levels.  Great right? Well not really!  The body needs to put those sugars somewhere.  The best place for your body to put those sugars, after this process, is your fat cells.  So, insulin will accelerate the conversion of sugar into fat.  Insulin stores sugar as fat.  FACT!  Then you are left with zero energy in your muscles making you feel tired sluggish and worn out.  But the body still needs that energy to move and function so your cravings for more food increases and you will find yourself over eating.  OH MAN!!  =(

If you want more info on this process watch this video...

Now lets look at some food examples to try and understand this better.

Let's start with whole foods vs. processed foods.

500 Calories of strawberries will give you more energy than 500 Calories of strawberry PopTart
500 Calories of sweet potatoes will give more energy than 500 Calories of pasta
500 Calories of rice and beans will give you more energy than 500 Calories of Hot Pockets.

Let's Get into more Detail.

If you eat 2000 calories from rice and sweet potatoes, your body will store that as glucose giving you 2000 calories of energy making you feel great and energetic. 

Now check this out.  If you eat 2000 calories from pizza, possibly half of those calories will be stored as fat giving you only a 1000 calories of energy. Why?  Because of the absence of fiber.  The blood sugar will rise, your body pumps insulin, and the body stores that sugar as fat.

Now here is the problem.  Your body wants that 2000 calories of energy.  Because it only has 1000 calories your body will start to crave more food.  If you continue eating that processed junk food, the insulin process will continue causing you to over eat, which will cause you to gain weight.  

Gain the dad weight.

So, if you want lots of energy, to feel great, be lean, and start conquering those fitness goals, start trying to incorporate more whole plant based carbohydrates into your diet.  Your body will love you for it.  It might be hard at first but give it a chance for 30 days.  Trust me, you will feel better and be bouncing off the walls in no time.

If you do eat processed foods like bread, cereal, or other meals, and you are wondering what a healthy ratio between fiber and carbohydrates is, then watch this quick video.  It will definitely help you pick the right choice.

Crew, that is all for today.  If this post has helped you please let us know and post below.  Remember, remind yourself every day of why you are doing the actions you are taking!

Crew, Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Motiv8 Success Stories!

 Motiv8 Success Stories!

Dave Valenti!

When it comes to exercise, there are numerous choices – swimming, cycling, the gym, running, crossfit, bootcamp. As a college athlete, I participated in many of them. But like many people, in my 30s and 40s, work and family overtook many parts of my life including my fitness. As I neared 50, I decided it was time to concentrate on getting back in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. That is when I found Motiv8.

The community that Motiv8 has developed has been key to my transformation. As with any lifestyle change, change can be slow at first. It was for me. Ultimately, it’s consistency that brings about greater change. And the Motiv8 community helps develop consistency. Knowing that I will be working out with coaches and campers that are my friends, people I can joke with, people I can compete with, is what brings me back day after day. My goal when I started was to be in better shape at 50 than I was at 30. And with the help and encouragement of my Motiv8 family, I have exceeded my expectations. Motiv8 is not just a method of exercise for me, it is an integral part of my life.

Kaci Madden!

Signing up for Motiv8 was one of the best decisions that I have made since moving to Austin. I truly enjoy waking up every morning to put in an epic workout with the wonderful Motiv8 campers and Coach Ty. So many aspects of Motiv8 keep me coming back day after day. The workouts are fun, challenging, and always different. The people who work out with Motiv8 are amazing. They are so much fun to be around (laughter is almost as guaranteed as a muscle burn), keep me accountable, and push me to do my best during each workout.

Coach Ty’s passion for improving others’ lives is contagious. He is always armed with advice about nutrition or exercise, helps us define goals to work toward, and is ready to give us the motivation we need to conquer our day. He provides us with all of the tools we need to be successful, we just have to show up to camp, work hard, and soak it all in. For all of these reasons, Motiv8 has created an atmosphere that is so welcoming, fun (and competitive if we want it to be), supportive, and always positive. I never once felt like I was alone in trying to conquer my goal of getting fit.

Now, almost a year out from starting Motiv8 classes, I almost never miss a weekday workout, have adopted a cleaner diet, and am starting to run for fun. As a result, I have lost some weight, gained muscle, and feel great! My mood has improved, my productivity at grad school has increased, and I have the motivation to go out and try new epic things (like running my first marathon). Being a part of the Motiv8 community has helped improve my quality of life and inspired me to take action toward becoming the person I want to be.

Ryan Shonts!

Prior to joining Motiv8 I thought I lived an active lifestyle; I would hike the Barton Springs Greenbelt, ride my bike, go for a swim, or walk around town lake on the weekends. In retrospect I was living a pretty sedentary lifestyle; fitness and eating well were not a huge priority in my life. The active things I would do were more of a leisure activity or opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We are all busy, going way too fast, wrapped up in our day to day lives; working long days at the office, running errands, keeping up with a social life, and for those of you with kids - I don't know how you do it.

I love to travel, I use it as a time to check in with myself, meet interesting people, and be exposed to other cultures. I went to Ireland in August which opened my eyes to many things; most importantly, I want to be able to travel, explore, hike, and climb for a really long time. There were so many tourists in wheelchairs or overweight or with other health problems that were unable to see so much of Ireland's historical landmarks and nature. I realized that there are hundreds of reasons for the current circumstances of these other tourists; but I made up my mind that I was going to be proactive about my present and future health.

I live a few blocks from Ramsey Park and had seen the Motiv8 group a few times. I decided to do a little more research on other gyms, trainers, and programs; I finally committed to joining in mid September. My first workout was tough, but all the other Motiv8ers were positive, encouraging, and on a similar journey to the one I am on - the pursuit of a healthier life. I love a good challenge; to improve, to become more efficient, and faster. Why would I not treat my health in the same way?

What I didn't know during that first Motiv8 SET in the middle of September was that I was going to do a lot more than go to a "boot camp" a few times a week. Ty and the 7:30AM Ramsey group have become a part of my daily routine and lifestyle, we show up, we sweat, we make funny noises, we laugh; we get stronger, happier and healthier. Starting my day with Motiv8 means I am beginning the day doing something for myself. I focus on my mind and body, I don't worry about what happened yesterday or what my outlook calendar and inbox have waiting for me. I start my day with a challenge for myself, a community, and the intent to improve. Whatever happens for the rest of my day I can feel good knowing that I started out the day with a decision invest in myself.

Motiv8 has been instrumental in helping me with my fitness and diet goals; always offering helpful tips on how to improve form, eating, and overall wellness. The biggest accomplishment and benefit that Motiv8 has helped me with is a holistic approach to my health. Outside of our workout, I try to implement as many of Ty and other motiv8r's tips as possible. Other than going to SET 4-5 times a week the biggest change I have made has been my shift from eating processed foods, boxed meals, and other easy, fast prep foods. I stick to a vegetarian diet, focused on whole foods and simple ingredients; keeping track of my calories, making sure I have the proper nutrition to fuel my workouts.

With all of these changes I began to notice that I had more energy, consistently throughout the day and that my body wanted to do more. Avoiding the processed foods eliminates the "haze" or "food coma" feeling. Showing up for SET keeps me accountable and Ty constantly changing up the workout routine keeps me engaged. I have more energy during and after work to go for a walk or other light exercise and attend social events. On the weekends I still want to do all the outdoorsy things I enjoy; I have even started going for 30 minute jogs.

I have enjoyed seeing all of the progress I have made in my health in just 5 months and learning what motiv8's me. I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the future and enjoy getting to motiv8 others along the way."

Julia Howell!

I'm 35 and have spent years trying to achieve somesense of health or self or some sense of control over my life. So I spent some time chatting with my Coach Joe and I started realizing that if nothing changes, nothing can change. What I really wanted from myself was to be strong and confident in my own body. I knew I had to do several things:

1. Be consistent: show up everyday, try, and push myself daily
2. Treat my body like a tool: eat right, drink lots of water, stretch and not be disappointed if I couldn't do something yet.
3. Accept where I was at the moment: self acceptance was huge for me, realizing where I was, pointed me in the direction to where I wanted to go.

Once I knew what I wanted to do I started looking for inspiration and got to work. I made it a mission to get my 4 SETS in a week, eating healthy and clean, and started listening to Joe's tips of the day and trying to incorporate that into my daily life, the results are amazing! I started feeling better, more relaxed, less anxiety and most importantly stronger. That's not to say that it suddenly was easy because it wasn't, old habits die hard and I'm no exception. But what I think helped push through those really hard moments, those dreaded plateaus was the community I had surrounded myself with. My fellow Motiv8ers are truly my heroes, we've created a community that truly embraces who we are and encourages what we are capable of. The accountability and responsibility to be the person that my friends know I can be has helped shape me to be a better person, I'm forever thankful.


Along with my 4 SETS a week (Zilker 8am), I've also been utilizing their running program. With Coach Joe's and Coach Ty's help I've gone from not really being able to run a 5k to running a 30k. Both coaches have also helped me reshape my nutrition habits, going from a day full of processed foods and snacking, to a day of fresh whole foods that help fuel me for my workouts and help me recover as well.

As a result so far with Motiv8 I've lost 10lbs, gone from a size 12 to about a size 8-10, I've improved my mile time from around 9:30 mins to 7:40 mins. I've also established a close knit support system that I know I can rely on for Motiv8-tion, support, or just people to hang out with. I couldn't recommend these guys enough!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fiber and the Microbiome!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here! 

Quick reminder about the Motiv8 Blog.  Remember, feel free to offer any feedback you may have–we rely upon it!  Our goal with this blog is to have a place where you can easily access all of the information we give you each week instead of having to search through your emails.  Look at the side bar for the section titled, "Labels".  From there, you can navigate to any of those topics as we add to them.  You can also go back through the archives once we begin racking up the postsNew posts will be available every Wednesday and sometimes Friday to help educate you and keep you Motiv8ed towards conquering your goals.  I hope you enjoy.  Lets get started!

Crew, let's start today with a Nutrition TipThis tip is one of the most important tips we will ever give you.

After reading this post, please contemplate this information carefully because your health, and your family's health, can be greatly improved by understanding this information.

Let's Talk About Fiber and The Microbiome! 

Crew, over the past year you have heard me preaching  about how important it is to get enough fiber in your diet.   Macro nutrients are fats, carbs and protein--your source of calories.  If you were going to count one macro nutrient though, to keep things simple, that would be FIBER, which is a carbohydrateIf you are getting in enough fiber from real whole plant based foods then it's safe to say you are getting enough protein, carbs, and fat in your diet. That is a fact. This can simplify the otherwise overwhelming task of counting your macros.

Many Americans are not even close to meeting their recommended intake of fiber.  Each person needs to intake at least 20-35 grams a day according to the American Dietetic Association. On average, Americans intake only 14-15 grams of fiber a day.  DANG =(  WAY below the recommended intake!

  America is definitely Fiber deficient.  So Are You Getting in Enough Fiber? 

Over the past few weeks I have been preaching this topic so much I am confident you know why you need fiber in your diet, but if you don't attend my SETs then watch this quick video to learn why fiber is so important  

Watch this video to learn more about fiber:

MORE facts on fiber:

So in a nutshell Fiber does three things!
  1. It helps push food through your system and helps you stay regular through out your day.
  2. It also prevents sugar from digesting to quickly allowing your body to convert sugar to glycogen instead of fat. Sugar without fiber will more than likely be stored as fat.  Sugar with fiber will be stored as glycogen in your muscles that your body will use as fuel to move.
  3. Fiber feeds the healthy bacteria that lives in your gut.  What bacteria do you ask? keep reading below.

How does fiber relate to the Microbiome?!

This brings us to our next topic.  When you eat fiber, it isn't only improving your health.  It is also improving the health of the bacteria in your gut–the healthy Bacteria.  The Microbiome.

Do You Know What the Microbiome is?

Your body's microbiome is a colony of various microbes that reside in your gut and elsewhere in and on your body.  It is as unique to you as your fingerprint, and can be rapidly altered based on factors such as diet, lifestyle, and exposure to toxins and antibiotics. You have approximately 1,000 different species of bacteria living in your body, and these bacteria actually outnumber your body's cells 10 to 1.  That's not all. You also harbor viruses (bacteriophages), and they in turn outnumber bacteria 10 to 1.  So not only is your body the home of 100 trillion bacteria, you also house about one quadrillion viruses. All of these organisms perform a multitude of functions, and need to be properly balanced and cared for in order to maintain good health.

So Crew, you need a healthy culture of bacteria in your gut in order to fight off diseases, fight obesity, and keep your brain healthy–to name just a few things.  Guess what That bacteria, in simplest form, feeds off of fiber.  In order to keep a healthy colony of bacteria in your body, it is important that you keep up a healthy diet.  A poor diet can produce the wrong bacteria and kill the good.  What are good sources of fiber to help build a healthy gut?   

Eat more plant foods -- vegetables, beans, legumes, fruit, whole grains, and nuts. These foods are all naturally rich in nutrients, including fiber, and provide all the health benefits that go along with a fiber-rich diet. 

Best sources of fiber are: beans (all kinds), peas, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, artichokes, whole wheat flour, barley, bulgar, bran, raspberries, blackberries, and prunes. 

Good sources of fiber include: lettuce, dark leafy greens, broccoli, okra, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes with the skin, corn, snap beans, asparagus, cabbage, whole wheat pasta, oats, nuts, raisins, pears, strawberries, oranges, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, and apples.

If you are interested in learning more on this topic check out these links and videos:
Here is a Mind Body Green video lecture from Dr. Robynne Chutkan, leading Researching Doctor on the Microbiome, giving the facts about your Gut Bacteria!

If you found her lecture interesting then check out this Podcast where she goes into much more detail and information on the Microbiome! 


It is important that every day at least 70% or 80% of your diet is coming from whole real plant based foods.  Fiber should be the number one nutrient that you count.  Take your health seriously.  If you have a healthy body, your whole life will change.  You will be able to think clearly, do things you never thought possible, and increase the amount of years you have on this planet!

Motiv8ers, I hope this post has helped you gain a better understanding of the role fiber plays in our bodies.

Another post coming soon!

Motiv8ers Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

See you at your SET!

Coach Ty