Friday, December 30, 2016

What will you ALLOW in 2017?

Hi Motiv8ers,

2017 is upon us and I want to share a word with you that I am going to use as my mantra to help me accomplish my goals in 2017.


Many of us have dreams and desires. Think about one of your dreams? Is it to go on a huge trip? Accomplish a huge goal? Start a business? Become the person you have always wanted to be both physically, mentally, and financially? Now don't be realistic.


What is a dream you have always wanted to accomplish and would make you so happy?

Think about it?

How does it make you feel?  Did you get a huge smile just thinking about it?  Did you get overly excited by just the thought of doing that dream?

Now why haven't you done that dream yet?

Why do you feel like it is out of your reach?

Back in 2015 I had a dream to run a 100 mile race. But every time I thought about running this race I began to think about all the reasons why I couldn't run this race!!

-I need to be more financially stable.
-I want to wait until I have been injury free for a while.
-I want to wait until I have time to train for it.
-I just don't feel strong enough to do it yet.

Motiv8ers these reasons were all limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs that I came up with.  No one else told me these things.  No one else was telling me to wait. I was holding myself back and resisting the process. In the beginning of 2015 I finally got fed up and told myself I have to make this happen.  So I decided that I was going to do it and I allowed myself to adopt the process that it took to get ready for it.

That is all it took. Making the decision that I was going to do it and ALLOWING myself to not resist the process.

I found the steps I needed to take, I found a coach to help me, found support to keep me motiv8ed, and every day I executed and I stopped allowing negative self talk  prevent me from taking action.  Since making that mindset switch I have completed two 100 mile races.  Yes there were struggles but I stayed focused on the goal and I found the way to make it happen.

Now coming back to the present.  After reflecting on my 2016 goals I realized that I have been resisting the process on many of my new goals and not allowing myself to take action.  Which has me really frustrated.

So in 2017 that is going to stop. I am getting back on track and I am going to allow myself to take action and make my dreams, goals, and desires happen and not let my fears, regrets, or insecurities prevent me from starting.

Motiv8ers will you be right there with me?

In Motiv8 I hear these words from many people who are new or who have stopped for a while and are now interested in coming back.

"I am scared that I'll be the slowest in the group."
"Everyone else will be in better shape."
"I don't want to hold anyone back."
"I have just been tired and can't find the motiv8ion to start or start again."

My answer to this is. Stop holding yourself back.  Why are you letting these negative thoughts control you.  No one cares about your insecurities.  But they do care about you and they want you to become the best and strongest person you can be.  Everyone has these insecurities from time to time but not everyone let's these insecurities become obstacles to being GREAT.  So stop resisting and just ALLOW yourself to show up and follow the process.  The process is there and your Coach and fellow Motiv8ers will lead you and guide you to becoming GREAT.

So Motiv8ers what are you going to ALLOW in 2017?

Post below what your dreams are and lets get this wheel rolling.  First step is talking about what your dream is.  One of my new dreams for 2017 is to make an online workout community just as strong as our current real life community.  Come to set and I'll talk more about it.  =)

Crew Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Happy New Year!

I'll see you in 2017!

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