Monday, March 20, 2017

Appreciate what you HAVE rather than fantasizing over what you don't!

Appreciation is the basis of having what you want…because life is more about wanting what you have!

Before I get on a soapbox about gratitude, check out this great guide to introducing more gratitude in your makes the practice of gratitude much more accessible than someone just saying, "You should just appreciate what you have". ;-) should just appreciate what you have! :-P

I used to have a much different life.  It involved lots of long hours at what most would call a “normal job”.  I wore suits every day, drank martinis every night and lived what most would call “the dream”.  The pay was great, I strived to impress other people with my knowledge and wit, fringe benefits of a life as a “successful” person were everywhere.

  • Schmoozing clients at events and in private rooms with a smorgasbord of food and wine
  • People referring to Courtney and I as a “power couple”
  • We were the youngest people in our neighborhood with a house much too large for us
  • My garage was filled with cars (yes with an “s”) and expensive things I didn’t need
  • I had possessions that I didn’t value so I threw them in the basement for years never looking at them

I don’t say this to brag…it was awful!  GUESS what I was?  UN-HAPPY!!!  I can honestly say I was no happier THEN than I am NOW.  In fact, much less so!

I didn’t APPRECIATE any of it.  I worked, toiled, stressed about creating the next big goal or making more money or impressing the next powerful person in my life that would be the catalyst for my next big milestone…I spent every day just thinking about what was next.  I was never in a place of presence or appreciation…only desire (Fantasizing every day about how much better life would be if only….).  We are taught from an early age that this is healthy, that if you don't strive to have bigger, better and more luxurious things that you are somehow not driven or lazy….boy is that dangerous advice!  It caught up to me quickly, my body started to decline, my marriage struggled…and eventually… my psyche cracked.

It was all just fantasy and despite many of my wishes coming true, I was so engrained in fantasy I couldn’t see what was my reality and appreciate it!

Are you thinking right now with respect to your workouts that you wish you could just lose 10 more lbs?  Or 5 more lbs?  Do you wish you could just be a little bit faster or lift a little bit heavier?  Do you wish you could eat just a little bit healthier?  Or maybe have the discipline to become vegan or cut out the foods you know are unhealthy?


Think today about ONE thing you appreciate.  Think about how much more energy you have.  Think about what you have learned about nutrition, that you KNOW what is healthy.  Think about the motivation and drive you have today to become a better you than you did before you came to Motiv8.  Appreciate what you have done ALREADY and let THAT be the catalyst to your next big milestone!

You already have the power to realize all those wishes above…you just have to let go of the wanting and embrace what comes to you.  Let the power of your accomplishments build and take you to the next level rather than trying to force a result thru sheer will.  It’s an exhausting and disappointing way to live!

Everywhere in our lives, opportunity to grow is always out there…we’re usually just too busy blinding ourselves with fantasy to see it. 

Stay Motiv8ed,
Coach Joe

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