Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How To Be More Disciplined in Your Nutrition.

Happy Epic Wednesday Motiv8ers,

Let's start this blog post off with a quote from me: 

"You choose how you experience your environment and daily life!!!"

So, choose to be EPIC and AWESOME!!! =)

Alright Motiv8ers, time for our main topic of the day: How To Be More Disciplined in Your Nutrition and with your GOALS!

First let me ask you a question,

why haven't you started eating healthier yet?   

What is stopping you?

In our American world, we hear good advice all the time on how to manage our day.  We also hear the truth about how bad processed food, fast food, dairy, candy, fried food, and box meals are for us. 

Most of us know the truth.  We know which foods are bad for us. We know why we are still overweight.  We know why we are not as fit as we want to be, and we know what we have to do in order to make our dreams and goals happen.

So, what is stopping us from being the healthiest person we can be?

Why can't we get started eating right?

Why can't we take this information, start applying it to our lives, and start living the life we want to live?

Sit down and ask yourself these questions.  Be real with yourself.  What are the factors or reasons why you haven't started yet?

Motiv8ers in my opinion, you haven't started yet because you haven't disciplined your new habits.  You haven't laid out the actions that you need to do everyday to make yourself successful.  Check out this quick 8-minute video about how to be more disciplined.

To sum this video up, here are the 4 things you need to do:
  • Visualize your dream and really connect to why you want to make a change;
  • do your work first before you answer everyone's else's needs;
  • schedule a block of time where you only do the action you need to do, don't mindlessly go through your day, and use a calendar;
  • and set up some social rewards.
If you want the details of each of these topics, check out the video. Seriously, it is awesome.

Also, let me add two more things to this topic.

First, the big Motiv8er here is the calendar.  You have to program exercise and eating right into your daily routine and schedule.   I say this all the time.  You have to turn these two things into a daily habit.  If choosing the right foods, shopping for the right foods, spending time prepping the right foods, and exercising isn't part of your daily routine, and are something you only do when you have time for it, you are never going to see results.

So make sure you take out your calendar and schedule in when you are going to exercise, when you are going to the grocery store, when you are going to cook your meals, and when you are going to prep your meals for the next day.  If you don't plan, you will never make your new disciplines habit and you will not see the results you want.  So start planning.  Also take Coach Kaolin's Advice.  She posted this the other day.

Make the Commitment and stay Consistent.  Consistency is key!

Second: Your Environment. This one is HUGE!!

Many of us want to eat better but the temptations from the world, the environment we live in, and the peer pressure from our friends and family are just too heavy.  It takes a very strong willed person to say no to bad food when there is a large table of everything you can think of: pizza, ice cream, chips, fried chicken.  We see this stuff all the time at work, on our drive home, in commercials, at parties, and possibly from our family when we get home.  It is hard, I know.  These cravings are crazy hard to fight ,and real food just doesn't sound as good in the moment.

So this is what you do to help fight this problem.

Take out a pen and a notebook.  This will only work if you write it down. Trust me.  I've been listening to some neurologist stuff.  =)

I want you to write down every moment in your day when you where tempted to eat bad and you did.  Be truthful with yourself.  Ask yourself how did it make you feel?  If it was a moment that made you feel bad then write it down.  Then, write down what you could have done differently, or what you wish you would have done differently in that moment to make a better choice.  

Once you are done, re-read it.  Now, when you confront those moments again the next day you will remember the action that you wish you had taken and give you a little bit more will power not to choose the wrong choice. 
This works trust me.  I have done it myself!

Or, try to change your environment.  Find a way to take the temptation out of the equation.

Crew, I hope this post has you thinking a little bit more on how to make the change you are looking for.  If you have questions post below our bug your coach.

Crew, Keep Being EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!!!

Coach Ty Out!

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