Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Stay Focused & Motiv8ed!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here again with another Motiv8 Motiv8ional Blog post.  For today's blog I want to give you two quick tools to help you stay Motiv8ed when your Motiv8ion is low.  

First ask yourself these questions.  

Do you find yourself sometimes through out your day just feeling unmotiv8ed?  Or do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do and you just want to just give up?

If you answered yes to the questions above then these two tools below will help you stay focused and keep you in Awesome Town! =)

Our first tool starts with a phrase.  "Do 3 small things every day to push your dreams forward."  

Motiv8ers this first tool is simple.  Every day we have a ton of stuff to do.  I know I do.  I was in the middle of my Army annual two week training.  I also have Motiv8 and all of you to help, inspire, and Motiv8.  And, I am in the middle of training for a very difficult race coming up in two weeks.

When I think about the amount of work I have to do each day to continue preparing for what is important to me I get pretty overwhelmed and my motiv8ion to really do anything just drops.  But in that moment of feeling unmotiv8ed I remind myself of the phrase above.  Then I will sit, calm my mind, and really ask myself what 3 small things can I do today for each of my major tasks.  I know that as long as I can do a little bit every day I will accomplish my goals and dreams.

I also say this phrase a lot.  "If you do a little bit each day, that will produce a huge result in the long run."

So crew don't focus on getting all of your work done at once.  Just ask yourself what 3 small things can I do today to help me accomplish my dreams and goals. Do a little bit every day consistently and you will produce one awesome huge result. =)

The Second tool is also simple but is the most powerful tool you have.......

What is Your WHY?  

When your down and don't want to come to your SET, everyone has these moments, you should focus on your "Why."  

Why you are in Motiv8... Why you are changing your eating habits...Why you are trying to make a lifestyle change. 

Do you know your why? Do you think about it daily? Do you have it posted somewhere you can see it everyday?  

If you don't, you should. Your "why" is the one thing that will help you push through when you feel like giving up. And if you have a moment of weakness(which you will), it will give you the strength to overcome it.  
Maybe you want to run and play with your kids without feeling out of breath....Or sprint up a flight of stairs instead of struggling to walk them. Or maybe you want to decrease your cholesterol or your risk for heart disease. Find your why and focus on it daily. Use it as motiv8ion. 
And That WHY should come from a place of...... LOVE.....

-Love for yourself so you can become the most vibrant and happy version of yourself 
-Love for your family so you can be strong for them and be able to enjoy life with them
-Love for your physical passions so you can be strong enough to do the activities you Love
-Love for your fellow Motiv8ers to make them proud by improving yourself each day.  =)

Motiv8ers this might sound cheesy but if you really take this message to heart there is so much raw positive energy that will come out of just focusing on the things you Love.  Try it! 

Crew my main passion as a coach to you is to help you be strong enough to do the things you love and to help you be so gosh darn healthy that you just friggin Love Life!  I want to help you be able to do anything you put your mind to without questioning your abilities.

Motiv8ers remind yourself of your "WHY", Make it out to your SET today or tomorrow, and lets have a blast while getting in shape!  =) Then come out the next week a try to do a little better.  That is all you have to do.  But stay consistent. 

So don't focus on everything you have to do too much.  Just focus on starting on the little things consistently every day!  Oh and start now.  =)

Take small steps each Day Crew and Become Great! 

If you want to learn more about staying focused and Motiv8ed watch this video from one of my idols.  It is about 10 minutes and I promise this is a video you need to watch.

Motiv8ers that is all for today.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!!

Coach Ty Out!

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