Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to Adopt a New Habit.....Breakfast Recipes!

What's Up Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here with another Motiv8ing blog post.  I have some great stuff here to share with all of you and then some recipes down below.  So check it out!!  =)

First Motiv8ers this week in my SETs I've been talking about how to be successful with our November Motiv8 Challenge.   With our November Challenge under way there are a ton of habits and actions we are trying to adopt.  But it is hard to adopt a new action or habit when our bad habits or addictions are so ingrained into our daily routines.

Even I have been struggling with counting my calories everyday and making my green smoothies.  So I thought this would be a great time to bring up the habit talk again.

So Our topic for today is how to Adopt a New Healthy Habit!!
In order to conquer the bad you have to first adopt the GOOD!  Before I go any farther let me ask you some questions.

 All of you want to be successful right?.....  
-You want to be strong and healthy  
-you want your business to be running smoothly  
-You want your relationships to be strong
-You want to be happy, positive, and so full of awesome energy.
We all want those things and many of you might be living your dream already which is so great.  But many times many of us just are not as successful as we fill like we should be.  We know how to be successful but we can't seem to get the work done or adopt the discipline to make our dreams happen.

Why is that?  What is holding us back?

Well Motiv8ers take a moment and watch this video from Bob Proctor that talks about how our results and actions are caused by our daily routines and habits.  If you don't have daily habits and routines that support what you are trying to accomplish then you will not be successful.  Check out the video below:

Ok now that you recognize you might have some bad habits that are not supporting you, lets now talk about how to adopt some new ones.  But doing that is difficult and it takes a lot of mental strength to force yourself to make a new change to your daily routin
Well Crew that is why Motiv8 is here.  Check out this tool. 

Set up Trigger Moments.......

Do you know what those are?  If not find 10 minutes in your day today to watch this short video.....

Trigger Moments use an existing habit, an alarm, or an object to remind you to do your new habit.

And The best triggers you could set up are.........Alarms or Reminders on your phone.
Here is an example....Lets say your new habit is to make healthier food choices at lunch time when you go out with work friends.  Set up a daily reminder on your phone that says 'Make a Healthy food choice today' and it goes off 5 minutes before your lunch break.
Sounds simple and silly right but it will work. 

Set up little reminders all throughout your day to help you stay on task.

It is important to your success that you have daily habits that you practice consistently that will help you to reach your dreams!

Motiv8ers take this message to heart because it has helped me so much with my diet and my training for my races.  If you have questions post below.

Alright last thing Crew.  Lets talk about some RECIPES!!!  =)

 Remember each week I am trying to find recipes of dishes that are usually extremely bad for you but find a much more healthier options.  Check this out.

Today I found a meal that everyone loves for breakfast.  PANCAKES!  Now this is definitely a processed food and your green smoothies are a much better choice but if you are going to make them for your family then this recipe is a great option.
Spelt-Blueberry Pancakes

But if you want a meal that is super energizing in the morning check out this quinoa bowl.

Hot Lap Bowl 

Motiv8ers that is all for today.  if you have any recipes that you love please post below.  Also if you are loving these topics post below as well.  If you have any topics you want us to focus on please post below.  Your feedback is so important to us and will only help you grow stronger.  So send us your thoughts!

Alright Crew Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

P.S....Take these tips to heart and try the RECIPES!! 


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