Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Motiv8es You? December Challenge!

Whats up Motiv8ers.  

Lets make December our most EPIC month to date.  And, we are going to do that with a new challenge.  Check it out below.

Crew the holiday season is here and for many of us Lazy Town has it's full grasp on us. Especially just coming off of Thanksgiving break.  Holiday breaks can make jumping back into your normal routine of exercise and clean eating darn right hard and a chore.  But, if you have a couple of tools in place to help jump start you back on track, once those breaks are over, then your chances of falling off the EPIC Train drop drastically.  

But, we have a problem.  What tools am I talking about?  How do you find a tool that works for you?  Everyone is different and what motiv8's one person might not work or motiv8 another.

So, that is why this month's challenge is called 'What Motiv8's You?"

What Motiv8's you to stay on track and stay motiv8ed towards making your body super healthy.

Like I said above everyone gets motiv8ed differently.  So what works for me might not work for you but it is so important that you find a tool that helps you stay on track and motiv8ed so you can stay EPIC and CONSISTENT over the most busiest time of the year that usually sends everyone to Lazy Town.

So here is the Challenge.  Starting tomorrow I want you to think back on your past and think about what fired you up to conquer your day.  What helped you get motiv8ed to workout consistently and eat healthier in the past.  Was it a friend? Was it signing up for a race? Was it being healthy for your family?  Was it dropping a few pounds?  Find that Motiv8ion again.  Then write it down.  Next, think back on how you stayed consistent on your new workout routine and eating habits.  Did you create a schedule? A calendar? Did you have an accountability buddy? Did you have a goal vision board?

What ever it was revisit those tools.  Now if you can't think of any tools then make sure you make it out to your Motiv8 SET this week and next.  Our Motiv8 Coaches are going to make an effort to talk about this with you and share what tools Motiv8 them and helps them stay consistent.  Also, in the Motiv8 Blog we will be trying to share a few tools from each of the Coaches over the next few weeks.  Once you have your tools share those tools with your fellow Motiv8ers at your Motiv8 SET.  use them to help you stay consistent to your new accountability tools to help you stay consistent to working out and eating right.

Alright Motiv8ers before I let you go I want to share with you what my tool is.  But first I want to share a passage from a book I am reading.  This addressed I problem I didn't know I had.   The book is called "How to Be Here" by Rob Bell.  It states this.

"In a moment I am going to say a word. And when I say it, I want you to notice your first feelings that comes to mind.  Ready?  INBOX!   Were you instantly at ease?......probably not. If you are like me then your first thought to that word is a number.  The number of emails that have come in since you last checked your inbox.  Emails are stacking up as you read this book.  Emails you will respond to later.  You see what just happened? In a course of a few sentences. You went from interacting with this book but also thinking about your emails which you will deal with in the future. When do you deal with your email? All the time? Three times a day? Constantly? Is how you spend your day determined by who sends you emails when they send them? or do you have set times when you deal with your email?  When is your Cell Phone on or off? When can people get a hold of you? When are you working and when are you not working? Creating a life worth living is understanding that you have more power over your time then you realize.  You create the rhythm that helps you do the work that you are here to do.  Everyone I know who has been on their path for a while, and is successful, has details and routines that they take seriously."  Rob Bell 

 The problem it addressed was...... I just didn't feel in control of my time once reading that passage.  

I am already a pretty structured individual with following a calendar, eating right, and working out regularly.  But, after reading this I wanted to take it a step farther. 

First a got a notebook.

 Now here is my challenge.  Every Sunday I plan on writing out my projects for the week.  Then every night I revisit that list and then write out my schedule for the next day.  I want to write out every hour and what I am going to be doing during that hour.  My goal is to only do one thing during each of those time frames.  I am a horrible multitask er and when I try I never get anything done.  So to be more productive I want to plan out when I workout, when I eat, what I eat, when to do emails, when to relax, when to run.  I want to take all of my guess work out of my day and make sure that what is important to me gets done so I don't procrastinate.   I am starting tonight.  So lets see how this works on getting me even more productive.

Crew by me sharing this I want you to help me stay accountable to my goal and I hope you do the same so I can help you.  Share below or share at your Motiv8 SET what tools you are using to help you stay motiv8ed over this holiday season.

Crew do you accept the Challenge? Lets do this!

Lastly Crew, I want you to check out this short Tedtalks video.  It is really interesting and reinforces the fast that in order to stay motiv8ed you need a goal or something to work towards.  Check it out.

Why some people find exercise harder than others | Emily Balcetis


 Crew that is all for today!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

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