Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Do's & Dont's of Adopting a New Healthy Habit!

Hey Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here with another killer blog post.  Today I have a quick tip for your habit challenge then some more recipes below check it out.

So Motiv8ers Monday we launched the August Habit challenge.  Have you picked a habit yet? Did you announce your new habit to your Motiv8 SET for support and accountability?  Did you take the actions in Monday's Blog, which is below this one, to help set yourself up for success with your new habit?  If you haven't done these actions yet then no worries.  You might be like most people I have talked to this week and have no idea how to pick a new habit that you should adopt.

Which brings us to today's topic...The Do's and Dont's of Picking Your New Healthy Habit!!!

Alright Crew here is the phrase that sums up this whole write up....

"The Habit you pick should replace a bad habit that you are trying to get rid of!"

Pretty simple right?  Well this idea is still a little confusing for most because in my SETs yesterday, after saying this phrase, I had Motiv8ers share their habits with the class and I heard phrases like these....

-I want to stop drinking alcohol during the week
-I want to stop eating after 7pm
-I want to stop eating candy at work
-I want to stop drinking so much coffee
-I want to stop browsing so much on the internet

First off this is great.  Acknowledging what habits in your day are not supporting the person you want to become is important.  But you can't forget about the second step.  You need to figure out what healthy habit you are going to replace your bad habit with.  And here is the reason why....

In order to be successful you should always focus on the positive not on the negative!!!

For example, If you take the steps in Monday's blog post and right down on a piece of paper, set reminders, and tell others how you want to stop drinking alcohol.  Every day you are only going to be reminding yourself and reinforcing the fact that you love alcohol.  Your brain and sub-conscious do not know the difference between positive and negative.  All it knows is what you program into it.  So if you constantly remind yourself to stop drinking alcohol all your mind is going to see is ALCOHOL!!!! And you'll find yourself wanting it and will eventually give in to the temptations.  You only have so much will power.

So instead of of focusing on what you don't want focus on what you do want.  And remind yourself every day of the actions you should be taking instead of what you shouldn't.  Like.....

-Drinking 8 glasses of water each day
-Getting in your Green Smoothie
-Instead of eating after 7pm maybe read a book
-Instead of coffee focus on having Tea
-Instead of Pizza focus on a healthier alternative.
-Practice 10 minutes of meditation instead of browsing the internet.

Remember the habits you do daily should be helping you get closer to your dreams and goals.  If they are not helping you get closer to your dreams and goals then you need to re evaluate your daily habits and routines!

Motiv8ers if you have questions on this topic post below or reach out to your coach.  Time to be AWESOME!

Ok lets get into some recipes.  =)

Motiv8ers almost every day the Coaches and I preach about the importance of healthy eating but we don't give very many examples.  So this is our chance to start giving you those examples.  Check out these recipes and really give them a try and start making those healthier options today!  Remember the better and cleaner your diet is the faster you will recover from workouts and the faster you will see results from your workout.  So take action!

First Recipe is from Thug Kitchen.  I found this recipe the other day.  I love sweet potatoes and one of my habits I am adopting is to have a green smoothie every day.  And, look I found a green smoothie recipe that has sweet potatoes in it.  =)  Check it out.  Going to try this at the end of the week.

Sweet Relief Smoothie!

Next recipe is from one of our own Coach Vanessa.  Check this out!!

Coach Vanessa makes this a LOT.  It's really tasty.

-1-1.5 lb lean ground turkey breast
-Seasoning (I use chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder)
-2 cans of whole black beans, drained
-1 cup brown or converted rice if you don't like brown.  Any whole grain rice, really.
-chopped bell peppers
-5 containers

-Start rice according to packaging
-Mix up turkey with taco seasoning, really how much ever you want.
-Cook turkey in a pan on high heat until browned, drain and set aside
-sauté bell peppers
-drain and rinse beans

In 4-5 containers, divide and add rice, turkey, beans, small amount of cheese and Pico.  Keeps well for 5 days.  

She heats it up, adds some hot sauce and avocado.  Delicious and easy, keeps well. 

Motiv8ers that is all for today!

If you have questions post below!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

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