Sunday, March 18, 2018

How to Fight the Lazy Voice!

Hi Motiv8ers and Future Motiv8ers,

Every Sunday night the Motiv8 Coaches and I send out Motiv8ional emails to help our clients get fired up to conquer their week and show up to their first workout.  Last night I wrote an email about a topic I have been thinking about all last week.

"How to Fight the Lazy Voice!"

This topic has been so strong in my mind.  How can I help my clients, and myself, to be more productive and fired up to take action on the tasks that they need to do to improve their lives physically and mentally.  Motiv8ers to have a better understanding on what I am talking about check out the short email that I wrote my clients last night.

"Hi Motiv8ers,

This week's theme is going to be "Fight the Lazy Voice!"

What do I mean by that?  This voice is the voice that is always trying to talk you out of doing what you know is important and productive.
  • Sleep an extra hour instead of getting up for your workout
  • Go get a pizza instead of eating the healthy food you prepped on Sunday
  • Why do the harder exercises when you could take it easy with a modification
  • You don't need to work.  Go watch a few more shows on Netflix.
All of you know this voice and sometimes it's this voice that is holding you back from being GREAT. Crew, this week I challenge you to follow your gut and not allow that lazy voice to take control.  When this voice starts to talk, you know exactly what you should be doing but you just don't want to.  You want to take the easy route.  The other route is just too uncomfortable.

But guess what? Without challenging yourself you will never get stronger, healthier, or smarter.

This week, Crew, lets get out of our comfort zones.  Follow the voice inside that is telling you how to be AWESOME!

Force yourself to push the lazy voice aside and take the more difficult road.

Success lies outside of your comfort zone!

Crew no matter how you feel tomorrow.
  • Commit to being epically productive at work
  • Commit to getting in at least 3 workouts this week
  • Commit to improving your nutrition and eating healthy
  • Commit to taking care of yourself through sleep and being kind to yourself
  • Commit to being awesome to yourself and awesome to others.

Crew, tell the Lazy Voice to get lost and let's have a great week!

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!"

That's a great pep talk right? 

But there is a problem.  This email is a great Motivator for Monday but that Motiv8ion isn't going to last all week.  You only have so much WILL POWER.  In order to be successful long term your habits and routines have to support the new changes you are trying to make.  

So lets get into how you can set yourself up for success and fight the lazy voice long term.  

Step #1  What is important to you and what needs to get done!
  • What tasks have to get done for work?
  • What needs to get done for your Family?
  • What needs to be done to improve your health?
  • What do you need to do to pursue your dreams?
 Write them all down on a sheet of paper or on a word document.

Step #2  Watch this short 3 minute video!

 This video covers all of the topics that you hear regularly about how to stay productive on the tasks you wrote above.
  1. Will Power- Remember you only have so much will power and it will run out every day.  So don't rely on this energy.
  2. Time Management-  Don't dry to be productive all day.  Break your day into small sessions with planned breaks.  Make the sessions more focused and focus on what needs to get done first.
  3. Schedule Your Work- The night before plan out your next day.  Put all your tasks into a time frame and once your day starts just follow the plan of the day.
  4. Don't Multitask- Research has shown that those who Multitask don't get as much done.  So focus on one task at a time.
  5. Break your tasks into small tasks- Your brain hates thinking about things that are hard to do.  So break your tasks into smaller tasks and your brain will find these less daunting and will make the starting process easier.
All of the tips above are great tips to help you get started but there are still two more steps.

Step #3

Committing to NO MORE ZERO DAYS!

What is a Zero day?  A zero day is when you don't do a single thing towards whatever dream or goal or want or whatever that you got going on.  No more zero days.  I am not saying you have to write a book every day.  But the point is that you have to make yourself, promise yourself, that the new SYSTEM you live in is a non-zero system.  Write one paragraph, do one push up, read one page out of a book.  Do something every day that will take you one step closer to the person you want to be.  Every day think about what small task can you do to help make your future self stronger.  No more ZERO DAYS!

Step #4


My favorite quote from the famous Zig Ziglar is this...

If you remember anything from this post remember this.

You will never have enough energy and there will never be the perfect time to start the dream you have been procrastinating on.  So many people say I will start when I have time.  I will start when I have the energy and I am physically strong enough.  I will start when I am feel confident enough.

The only way to get the energy, confidence, and time you want to start your dream is to START.

You have to start exercising to get healthier and stronger.  You have to start reading to get smarter.  You have to start eating better to get healthier.

Crew don't make excuses any longer.  Just start!

Motiv8ers I hope this post has given you some tools to fight that lazy voice inside and helps you be just a little bit more productive this week.

Crew above are just a few tools.  What do you use to help yourself stay Motiv8ed and productive?  Post below and lets start helping each other.

This is Coach Ty.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty out!


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