Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Turn Motiv8ion into Determination

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here!  Today's talk is about something that is so important.

How to turn Motiv8ion into Determination, and keep your passion and drive alive EVERY DAY!

Motiv8ers, so many of us start our workouts with Motiv8ion.  We have a goal.  Whether that goal is to loose weight, prevent disease, be healthier for your family, or to do a race, such as a Spartan Race.  Everyone, when they start a new fitness program, starts with a drive to make a change in their life.

Well what happens?  After about 3 to 4 weeks you feel that drive slipping away.  Your passion and fire to make that change just isn't the same and you start to lose Motiv8ion to show up to your SET.  Your energy is dropping and you find yourself not making time for you and over working yourself at work or for your family.

What happened to the passion?

Crew, this is a very common problem for so many folks because they don't understand just 3 simple things and it starts with the phrase below.  If you understand this phrase you can make whatever changes you set out to.

"Your mind is like a puppy.  It needs constant re-enforcement to make a change."

Here are three things you can do everyday to make sure you are re-enforcing that change so you can stay consistent with your workouts and become that fit energetic positive person you want to be.

1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest.

I know this one sounds simple enough.  Though, so many of us, including me, sacrifice sleep to make sure you can get all of your work done.  When you do that you might find yourself worn out, not being able to focus well, maybe a little moody, and your ability to get tasks done efficiently drop drastically.  So, make sure you take time to rest, or get in a little nap, or do some meditation.  Rest your body and your mind so you can heal properly, think straight, be productive and feel amazing. 

2. Make sure you are reminding yourself of what you want to accomplish every day.

When you started this fitness program, there was something you wanted to accomplish.  You had a goal.  What was that goal?  What do you want to do or who do you want to be?  When you think about doing that activity or when you think about that person you want to become how does that make you feel?  If it makes you feel awesome, and gives you that drive and passion to pursue your dreams, then you need to think about those things every day.

Crew, you don't just have Motiv8ion you have to generate Motiv8ion.  You do that by reminding yourself of your goals, of your passion, of the family you want to support, or the person you want to become every day.

For example.  One of my dreams right now is to win the Austin Fittest Contest coming up May 21.  When I think about winning it, I feel amazing and all I want to do is go train and work my butt off.  But, not every day am I that Motiv8ed to go workout.  So what have I done to keep myself Motiv8ed?  I've put all of my workouts into my calendar.  I've put up on my wall and in my journal of what I want to accomplish so I can see it every day.  Daily, I watch videos to keep my drive fired up to train.  Lastly, I have created a support system of friends to help me stay on task.  All of these things help me stay Motiv8ed and help me stay focused on my goal.

It is important that every day you remind yourself of the change you are trying to create so you can keep that fire burning inside of you.  Remind yourself through a calendar, through videos, through a journal, or through friends.  Whatever it is just Keep that Motiv8ional Fire Burning and remind yourself every day of what you want to accomplish and who you want to be.  Soon, Motiv8ion will turn into Determination, and just keep multiplying from there.

3. Celebrate your small accomplishments.

Crew, if you don't get anything out of accomplishing a goal or something you care about, then what is the point of doing it?  Anytime you accomplish a goal or task you need to celebrate that accomplishment.  Tell a friend, tell your Motiv8 SET, do a happy dance, go to your favorite restaurant, or buy something you have always been wanting to buy.  When you kill a workout, or you do more push-ups than you thought you could, or you run a new fastest time on your mile, celebrate that victory.  Plus, you celebrating could Motiv8 someone else to dig deeper and work harder to accomplish their dreams.   Be open about your goals and let others celebrate your victories with you.

I hope you found this post Motiv8ing.  If you did and want to learn a little more check out this short Video from Brendon Burchard from The Charge Life.  This is the video that sparked this post.  Check it out.

Crew, Stay EPIC. Keep being Awesome. And set up those reminders!

We will see you at your Motiv8 SET.

If you have question post below.

Coach Ty Out!

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