Sunday, May 22, 2016

MORE Motiv8er Perks!

Hi Motiv8ers!

Coach Vanessa here, and I've got some great news!  Have you seen the awesome Motiv8 shirts and tech shirts!?  Been coveting them, but didn't want to throw down the cash?   Super excited about our new Team Motiv8 and Yoga programs?

Great news!  We've decided to add a little MORE bonus to your lives...

In addition to the already FREE month of Motiv8 you receive by referring new Motiv8ers our way, we're announcing MORE MOTIV8ER Perks!  Check-ins on Facebook or Instagram can now be redeemed for your choice of Motiv8 shirt, or a pass to Motiv8 Yoga or Team Motiv8!

Here are the details:

# of Check-ins = reward

15 = your choice pass to 1 yoga or 1 Team Motiv8 session
20 = your choice of cotton or tech tee
30 = your choice of New Balance tech singlet or shirt

Here are the rules:

--Only one check-in per day will count
--Facebook: There are separate check-ins for each location so please try to find yours!
--Instagram: Include @motiv8hf and #motiv8hf in your post
--Number your check-ins to help us keep track
--Tag your coach!
--Screenshot and email to your coach when you've decided to redeem check-ins

If you have any questions, ask your coach!

That's it!  This will help us share our Motiv8ion with everyone! 

See you tomorrow at your SET!
Coach Vanessa

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