Monday, April 11, 2016

What Does Crew Really Mean?

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here.  Before I get into the EPICNESS that happened this weekend I want to ask you a quick question.

Do you ever wonder why I use the word CREW so much?  Do you know what that word actually means to me and to all of you?

About a year ago I was listening to the Rich Roll Podcast and his guest was one of the most inspiring energetic and EPIC people I have ever heard about.  Her name was Robin Arzon and it is because of her that I now use the phrase 'Epic Shit' all the time.  =)  She is all about EPIC.  She calls herself a SWEAT AMBASSADOR and if you ever want to get crazy Motiv8ed  then just check out that podcast. For real.

In the interview she was describing the running group that she was apart of and she called everyone in her group her CREW!  Then she went on to describe the bond they had and what crew really meant.  She said this....

'A Crew is a group of people that support each other and their bond to one another is as strong as family.  And they work their butts off to make their Crew PROUD and they will do everything they can to help each other be the strongest versions of themselves.'

That message was so powerful to me.  And I instantly said to myself that my new goal, with the people around me, is to make a CREW that has just as much passion and EPICNESS that I was hearing from Robin.

Have I accomplished that?  Absolutely!  Motiv8ers all of you are simple ridiculous.  Lets get into the Weekend and I'll show you what I am talking about!

Saturday we had a great workout with the Ramsey Crew and Pam from the Austin Trail Running Company came out to do a shoe preview.  Half way through the workout though it start raining on us.  Dang!  But that didn't stop this crew.  We just moved under the pavilion, changed the workout a little, and then carried on.  So GREAT and So EPIC!

Then on Sunday so many of you took on the Statesman Capitol 10k.  Many of you have been preparing for this race for months and yesterday was the day to see if all of your training had paid off.  AND IT DID!!  Everyone had a killer race and did what they had planned or better!  Which says that all the support and accountability that we have been giving each is working.  We are so Proud of all of you.  Check out some of the pics that I took this weekend at the race!
The pics below are some cool costumes I saw and the guy on the left was the true Motiv8er.  He was handing out donuts.  =)

 Crew anything is possible when you have amazing people backing you.  So today embrace your Motiv8 Crew and lets work together to help each other to become GREAT this week.  Oh and I know I left out a bunch of Motiv8ers in the pics above but when you see a Cap10k finisher give them a huge High Five!

P.S....Hey have you counted your FIBER today?  Motiv8ers don't forget about our Motiv8 Food Challenge.  Make those healthy choices and start making that change!

Crew Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!  Embrace your Crew!

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