Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Eat Beans Daily?

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here again.  Short Blog post today because the Motiv8 team and I have a ton of work to do for the New Indoor location.  But definitely wanted to get out a little Motiv8ion and tips to keep you focused on improving your diets since we are still in the April Fiber challenge. =)

So Crew, It has been raining a lot this week.  Which can De-Motiv8 you from wanting to get in your workout especially for the outdoor crew.   But just stay focused on your goals and if you do end up missing your Motiv8 SET then spend that time focusing on your diet and this post can help.

Topic for today is all about BEANS!!!  =)

So two weeks ago I posted some guidelines for the Fiber Challenge and I said eat at least one serving of beans every day to help you get your daily intake of fiber.  After suggesting that many of you responded back by saying that seemed like a lot.  Well check out the info below, and the video, about why Beans are so amazing.

Here we GO.   So you hear all the time that carbs are bad for you and you need to go on a low carb diet in order to loose weight.  Well you know now, through our blog posts, that this info is so wrong.  What you need to do is eat carbohydrates that don't spike your blood sugar.  Eat foods that are low on the Glycemic Index.  Whole plant foods with FIBER basically.  If you don't know what the glycemic index is please type it into google search real quick.  I'll get into more detail soon about the index.

But, basically what is one food that is low on the glycemic index, has tones of protein, and has a tone of fiber?  Beans of course!  All types of beans.  Check out the video below to learn why you want this food group in your diet every day.  It is only about 4 minutes long.

That second meal effect is pretty cool right?

Beans can even prevent high glycemic foods from effecting your blood sugar levels in a negative way.  But still pick the better choices like whole food grains, vegetables, fruits, and organic lean meats.  I eat about 1 to 3 serving of beans every day.  I rotate between black beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, White beans, and mung beans.  So bean up Crew.

Alright Motiv8ers that is all for now.  Stay strong, don't let the rain De-Motiv8 you, improve your diets every day, and lets become crazy strong together.  Stay strong with your food challenge and I can't wait to see you at our SETS!

Crew stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!!!


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