Friday, February 5, 2016

Let's Talk About Your Weekend!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here!  Let's start today's blog post with a quote from one of my idols!
"We are a product of our habits!!!  And, I think that you need to look at where you want to go, so have some sort of idea of where you are heading.  Because, if you don't know where you want to go, you'll never find your way there.  Then, look at your daily habits.  Even your hourly or minutely habits, and say, 'Are these habits conducive to getting me to where I want to go?'  So, changing little things can lead to big changes."  -Dean Karnazes (Famous Elite Runner) 

Think about that quote, and I'll bring it back up next week.

Ok, Let's talk about your weekend!

You've been working hard in your Motiv8 SETs, so remember to keep all your HARD work in mind throughout the weekend and into next week.

It's easy to fall off track on the weekends, or after a long me, I can relate! I've found a little change in mindset and planning goes a LONG way.

If you get out of your normal routine, don't let that stop you from sticking to your exercise and nutrition program.  Make a plan for today and this weekend, just like you would for Monday-Thursday.

Today and this week, plan your workouts or your active rest!  One way to stay on track is by staying active and making it a point to move your body.   Sitting on the couch shoving chips in your mouth does not count. ;o)  If you're feeling pretty worn out and tired from this week's workouts, plus the Saturday 9am SET at Ramsey, still make a plan to get moving!  Go for a bike or walk around town lake, go golfing, kayaking, dancing, play with the pups, etc.  This will help you recover fast by increasing blood flow.

Not only should you plan your workouts, but your nutrition as well (the most important part).  Plan a treat meal, but refrain from making an entire day out of it.  Eat your normal meals throughout the day up until you have your "treat meal."  If your plan is to go out to dinner with friends, enjoy a glass of wine and your favorite meal, then get back on track the following day.  Do not feel guilty for treating yourself!  This will help you a create a healthy relationship with food and help you achieve LONG lasting results.  If you are using an online app like My Fitness Pal (www,, log your food for accountability!

Another way to stay on track is meal prep!  Take time Saturday or Sunday to plan your grocery list, and to plan/cook your meals for the week.  Making the effort to do this will hold you accountable to your nutrition and exercise plan over the weekend.  Remember, results don't just come from Monday-Thursday, but from what you do/fail not to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When in comes to meal prepping, I've found a great tool to use is Mason Jars.  The blog below will give you some helpful and easy tips/steps for making your own mason jar salads.  These things stay fresh for up to 5 to 7 days–that is awesome!  So, on Sunday you can prep a whole week worth of meals and still have them tasting fresh and delicious by the end of the week.  That is incredible, and shouldn't take much more than an hour.  AN HOUR!   An hour to make a week's worth of food is nothing!  Motiv8ers, check out the link.

These are some mason jar food prep pics taken by 5:30am Dick Nichols Motiv8er, Billie Jo.  Looks awesome right?  Bug her if you need some tips (you can find her on the Motiv8 -- South Facebook page, always ready to help!)

Be sure to make time for YOU.  Not just cooking, or working out, but time where you can sit, reflect, relax, work on your favorite hobby, or simply just BE.   

Live in the present moment, stay in touch with your thoughts and emotions, and work on IMPROVING EVERY DAY.

Have a great weekend, and if you need anything post below or bug your Motiv8 Coach.

Next week is going to be a week you do not want to miss!!!

Stay EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

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