Monday, February 15, 2016

Motiv8's Austin Marathon Experience!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Happy Monday!

Coach Ty here with another write up about how friggin' amazing all of you are.  Motiv8ers, yesterday was the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon and it was a magical day.  So many of our Motiv8ers went out there, gave that course all they had, and conquered their goals.  Yesterday was the perfect example of if you set a goal, and you want to accomplish it bad enough, you can make anything happen.  Check out who killed yesterday's run.  Oh and if I missed anyone, let me know as soon as you can so I can add you to the list. =)

First, let's start with Coach Vanessa's North Motiv8 Crew.  In the picture below you have Jesse Barnes, Chris Flores, Teresa Krammer, Nick Voll, Angelo Colon, and Becca Jameson (a future Motiv8er).  All of these Motiv8ers ran their very first marathon yesterday.  For the past 5 months now they have been training very hard to get ready for yesterday.  Long training runs on the weekends and showing up to Motiv8 SETs consistently helped each of them reach a new level in their fitness journey.  Crew, when you set a goal, then consistently do the work needed every day to achieve your goal, you will be so surprised how much you will accomplish in a short amount of time.  These guys proved that and we are crazy proud of them.

Huge shout out to Angelo for, despite a calf injury, he still found the willpower to get through his marathon, and killed a life goal!

Next, Leslie Elliot from the Ramsey SET!  Yesterday, I had the honor to help pace Leslie as she set a 50-minute marathon personal record from last year.  That is CRAZY!!!!  Leslie is the perfect example of never allowing yourself to settle.  Once you accomplish one goal you then shoot for another.  Last year, she ran a 4 hour 30 minute marathon.  It was her first one.  She said that's great I wonder what I can do next year.  She consistently put in the work everyday over the past year and what did she run this time?  3 hours 40 mins.  WHAT!?!?!?!? Through doing a little bit every day consistently, Leslie has turned herself into a Super Human.  Keep it up Leslie!  So, what's the next goal?
Pauline Zamudio is our next Motiv8er who killed the marathon.  She attends the Zilker SETs with Joe and she conquered the whole Austin distance challenge.  Pauline, we are so proud of you.  Keep up the hard work.

Next, Jess Heck from the Ramsey SETs killed the Austin Half Marathon.  Despite her crazy busy schedule working two jobs, she still finds time to take care of herself.  Congrats Jess, for killing it out there!
Next, we saw a few past Motiv8er's out on the course.  Justin Cunningham, Laura Dugan, and Samantha Rearich.  They killed their races.  So proud of these guys.

Two more Motiv8ers who ran the half marathon but I haven't gotten pics of is Steve Wiese and Dave Tobin.  Both of these two attend the Ramsey SETs.  So proud of these guys.  Both finished under an 1 hour 40 mins.

Lastly, you can't forget about the awesome Motiv8ers who cheered us on at the Motiv8ion Cheer Station.  They set up at mile 21, and it was awesome getting to see them.  Our spirits lifted so much when we saw them.  We had 20+ Motiv8ers out there cheering on the runners.  Thank you, crew, for showing the support!
Crew, remember that our community is strong and it is only getting stronger.  With a group of friends to support you, anything is possible.

So, today think of something you want to accomplish, and then bring your idea to your Motiv8 SET and talk about it.  You might just find a whole bunch of people that would love to help you get ready for it or do it with you!  So, get Motiv8ed and when you see the Motiv8ers above give them a huge high-five.  They deserve it.  

Crew, stay EPIC and start pursuing those dreams!

Coach Ty

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