Monday, February 29, 2016

What Our Motiv8ers Are Up To!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here with a quick update on how friggin' awesome all of you are.  We had a ton of stuff happen over this weekend--a great reminder of how amazing the community we are building has become.  Crew, if you have been looking for a support group to help you become a better person, a stronger person, or a place to meet some really cool people, then Motiv8 is that place.  Just check out everything that happened this weekend!

First, let's start with two amazing Motiv8ers who conquered their races this weekend!

Kati Walsh from the 6pm Dick Nichols Park SET finished her first ever Half Marathon at the Cowtown Half Marathon!  You are amazing Kati!

Next, we must congratulate Stacey Mason from the 5pm Zilker Park SET.  If you know Stacey, you already know she's inspiring.  This Motiv8er runs a marathon or ultra marathon almost once or twice a month.  Ridiculous!  Though, she has never qualified for the Boston Marathon... UNTIL NOW!  Yesterday, Stacey pulled off her very first BQ with 4 minutes to spare.  Congrats Stacey!

Second, on Saturday, for the first time Motiv8 held two Saturday SETS.  A huge shout out to all of you for coming out to support.  Both workouts had a great showing of Motiv8ers and that is what we needed.  Our main goal for the North SET this past Saturday was to get the word out to the surrounding community that we're here!  Thank you, Crew!  Ramsey SETs will always be a go.  We will keep you posted on other future Saturday workout locations.

North Crew!

Ramsey Crew throwing down.

Third, on Sunday the Motiv8 Running Crew met at Walnut Creek to practice for the upcoming Rogue Series race The Maze.  They had a great time and that trail was gorgeous.  More running group runs happening next weekend.  Be checking the emails, Facebook, and this blog for updates.  You can check out the Motiv8 Running Facebook page here.

Last thing, don't forget that Motiv8 has a huge goal to Motiv8 100 New Motiv8ers over the next 30 days.  We are working our butts off to make this happen and you can help by bringing out a buddy.  Bug your friends and let them know we are offering one free week to everyone who comes check us out over these 30 days.  Many of you have already brought out a buddy and we thank you. If you do bring a buddy, take a pic with them and post up on Facebook and tag #motiv8hf.  Be sure to check into Motiv8 Health & Fitness as well.  Throughout this challenge, we will be giving away prizes to the most Motiv8ing pics!  Check out a few pics below.

Crew, that is all for today.  Keep being EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!

Motiv8 Your Buddies!

Bug us if you need anything!

Never Miss a Motiv8 Monday.

Coach Ty out!

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