Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Motiv8er of the Month!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here. Crew, it is time once again to recognize some amazing Motiv8ers.  Each week we recognize a couple of outstanding Motiv8ers who have gone above and beyond in the work they need to do in order to change their lives and become healthy people.  We also recognize one person each month for Motiv8er of the Month.  Well we didn't get a chance to do that in December.  So, today we are recognizing two folks--one for the month of December and one for the month of January.  Check it out in today's blog post.  For their hard work, we also want to award them with a gift card to Academy as a Thank you for allowing us to help them on their journey.

Motiv8ers, check out their stories again on the blog and get inspired!

Petrita Lopez Silvas!

Petrita embodies exactly what it means to live a fit life.  She never lets anything slow her down. She's always smiling, and her laugh is infectious. Below she talks about how she hurt her ankle. It was on the FIRST day she was getting back to running--even though that can bring a lot of people down, she didn't even think for a second she wouldn't come to her SETs with Motiv8. And we're all so relieved! It's not the same without her happy bubbling self. She never turns down a challenge. She's almost healed and is now familiar with a 60 POUND farmer's carry. Anytime I give her a new challenge, her response is always, "okay!" and she's off tackling it. Every time I see an instagram post with her delicious healthy meals, I'm instantly hungry for brussels or asparagus or brown rice, or something else delicious! All these reasons and MORE (read below), Petrita is our Motiv8er of the Month!

"Working out as an adult is way different than working out as a kid. As a kid you could run around for hours and hours and it was just fun. As an adult, life comes into play and you have to schedule time to workout. Sometimes that isn't easy but with Motiv8 my HIIT session is my most FAVORITE part of the day. I look forward to it all day and am sad when I can't make it. What makes it so exciting for me are the people that I get to workout with. We may all be at different fitness levels but I never feel as though I have to keep up or slow down for anybody. We all encourage one another to do our best and motiv8 one another to do more. I'm shy, like really shy when I first meet people. With this group, I'm finally opening up and they accept me. That just makes me oh so HAPPY!

Recently I sprained my ankle. This happened on the eve of my new running routine I was going to incorporate along with the bootcamps. Normally had this occurred I would have sat out all 6 weeks I was told that it would take to recover. I've been to boot camp almost everyday since it happened and I wouldn't have it any other way. Vanessa has been the best about showing me modifications and ensuring that I don't hurt myself in the workouts. Everyone's been real considerate and asking how I'm coming along and it makes me feel loved. I'm also making changes to my diet and man, VEGGIES are DELISH!!! Motiv8 has shown me that there are no limits to what one can do. The Motiv8 happy family is full of people setting goals and crushing them. For me, my goal once I'm healed and doing better is to run the Austin 10/20 in 2016. It's a race I've always wanted to run but just never have. I'm optimistic that my ankle will be healed and that I'll be able to run all 10 miles. It may not be a world record but it will be my personal record."

Congrats, Petrita! You help make us a HAPPY FAMILY!

Nidhi Goel!

From Coach Billy's SETs, is Nidhi Goel! Nidhi has been attending the Motiv8 noon SET in Butler Park for a little over 3 months.  She will tell you that this is really the first time she has ever had a steady exercise regiment in her entire life, and when she began, it was very challenging for her. Through consistency, she has proven that hard work and determination pay off.  A couple months ago she could barely do a sit-up or run a quarter-mile without taking a break.  Now, she can run up to a mile in one SET and steadily knock out sit-ups, push-ups, squats, burpees, and other challenging exercises rep after rep.  It has been awesome to see her get stronger each week, and I am excited to see her continue to improve and Motiv8 others.  Congrats, Nidhi, on your achievements!  Keep it up!

Motiv8ers, our community is getting stronger and it has helped these two individuals see results that they might not have been able to accomplish on their own.  Our goal for this next week, is to keep the Motiv8ion high,  and continue to build an even stronger community of amazing Motiv8ers so all of us can experience a whole new amazing life--TOGETHER!  Crew, when you see these two Motiv8ers above, give them a huge congratulations!

Stay Motiv8ed and EPIC and we will see you at our SETS!

Coach Ty

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