Monday, February 22, 2016

Motiv8's 30 Day Challenge!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty Here again.  Hope your weekend was amazing.

As many of you know Motiv8 has a huge goal and I wanted to use the Motiv8 Blog as a place where you can go to get updated on that goal.  Below are the details and how you can help as well.  Check it out.


We need your help with a very important goal.  Motiv8 wants to Motiv8 100 new people in the next 30 days.  Your challenge will be finding as many friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers to bring to S.E.T.

You can offer them one free week of Motiv8 Workouts to get them Motiv8ed. No sign up! Just tell them to come on out. They can attend one day or the whole week. We want to call that week Buddy Week! Remember every person you refer that signs up full-time gets you a free month!

During Buddy Week, we encourage you to take a fun picture with your buddy and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #motiv8hf. We will keep you updated weekly with our progress and be giving away fun prizes for the best Buddy Week pics. Maybe you'll win that new mat you have been putting off buying or the heavier dumbbells you've been thinking about. Our goal is to Motiv8 Austin one person at a time and help people become amazingly fit and healthy. We have one huge goal, but with your help it can definitely become a reality.
Crew the Motiv8 Team is working their butts off to help you become crazy fit, healthy, and have one amazing experience.   We Believe in Motiv8 so much and Thank you for all of your support.

Last Thing check out this crazy Motiv8ing video from Steve Harvey.  I got Goose bumps from watching this video and then got crazy motiv8ed to conquer my dreams.  Highly recommend watching it.

Keep Motiv8ing everyday Crew!
Stay EPIC and don't forget to be AWESOME!
Coach Ty Out! 

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