Friday, March 4, 2016

How To Retrain Your Brain!

Hey Motiv8ers!

Coach Joe here with a great tip for RETRAINING YOUR BRAIN!

Let's start with a question:

Why would you want to go back to bad behavior when good behavior is so easy?

As many of you know, Courtney and I have a foster dog named Gary who has had some behavioral issues and this quote from his trainer today really clicked in my brain!

This question lies at the root of all behavior change, not just in dogs but PEOPLE too!  We are capable of training our brains (just like our bodies) to rewire itself to become more (or less) positive.  Those thoughts build on each other in much the same way your BODY adapts to make exercise easier!

Positive thoughts create additional positive thoughts because the brain wants to become more efficient at the mental activity it is most often involved in.  This is just like creating “muscle memory” during your workouts that make you a better runner, better at pushups, or gives you better endurance.  So just like moving your body in an exercise with poor form can result in improper adaptations that lead to consequences of muscle imbalance or improper movement, your mind can also be led down the wrong path of imbalance and improper thinking!

Check out these cool articles that explain this phenomenon more!

***Then take on this challenge for your weekend*** 

Practice fighting the immediate reactions that enter your mind to ANY stimuli you come across this weekend in ANYTHING you do.  Make a list (in your mind or on paper) of the positive effects of those experiences.  If it seems like you can’t FIND a positive effect use this trick; start by saying to yourself “But at least…” then fill in the blank and put that on your list.

Review your list at the end of the weekend and see how the thoughts build up and what you may not have thought of previously AT ALL becomes a positive thought for you!  It works!

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