Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Nutritional Call to Action!

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here again to Motiv8 you to become the best version of you.  Today crew I want to call a 'Call to Action.'  Over the past few months the Motiv8 Coaches and I have been giving you a ton of nutrition advice and it is time to put that advice to use.

But first, Look over to the right of the blog page and scroll down to labels.  Then click on 'Nutrition Tips.'  Give yourself a quick refresher of all of the information we have given you so far.  There is information on how to get more energy through your diet, why free sugar is bad, how to be more disciplined in your diet, and why fiber is so important.  Spend just a couple of minutes refreshing yourself and then come back to this page to learn how we are taking the next step.

Motiv8ers many people say that working out is the hard part.  But that is so not true.  Well at least not for all of you.  Because all you have to do is show up to your Motiv8 SET and your coach and your fellow Motiv8ers will help you do the rest.  =)  But what most of us struggle with is this......

Your Diet is the Hard Part!!

So many of us struggle to eat the right foods throughout the day. Well Motiv8ers Motiv8 Health and Fitness is here to help.  In the month of April, Motiv8 wants to start it's very first food challenge. And we want to prove to you that our advice will help you become so strong, fit, and lean. Can you guess what we want you to focus on?


Here is the challenge.  After reading the other blog posts about fiber you now know why it is so important and we want to Motiv8 you to count and track your fiber each day.  The recommended minimum amount of fiber for women is 25 grams and the recommended amount of fiber for men is 38 grams.  That is the minimum so it is definitely ok to go over that but try your hardest not to go below that.  In fact, scientists have not found an amount of fiber that's harmful.  Crew if you eat your recommend amount of fiber each day everything will fall in place.  You will get enough protein, enough fats, enough carbohydrates, and you will start to see improvements in your energy and in your body!

Starting April 1st we want to start the Fiber Tracking Challenge.  Here are the things to do.
  1. Log on to It is a food tracking website.  Set up an account.  It is free and start putting in your foods that you eat every day.  It is a bit of work for the first few days but once you have your foods on your page it goes by fast after that.  But do not use the guidelines on the page.  Ask your coach in your SETS for more details on how to use the website.
  2. Start finding your favorite fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains that you love to eat and start planning your meals.  Over the next few weeks we will post recipes and give you more detailed advice about how to pick the right foods so you can kill this challenge.
  3. At the end of each day, on your SET's Facebook page, post up how much fiber you got and where you got it from to help Motiv8 others to do the same.
  4. Take the challenge seriously because just this one simple step can improve your health in a huge way. 
Motiv8ers more info coming soon.  If you have any questions ask your Motiv8 Coach and can't wait to start seeing how fit all of you become after the first month of this challenge!
P.S. Last thing check out this awesome pic a Motiv8er sent me.  Definitely puts it in perspective on how fruits and vegetables can improve your health.

Motiv8ers that is all for today!  More coming about the challenge soon.

Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

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