Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap!

Hey Motiv8ers,

Coach Joe here with some updates of a pretty crazy weekend!  I don't think we are ever going to have a weekend where our Motiv8 crew isn't doing something EPIC.  Just check out all the amazing things our Motiv8ers below accomplished and did with their amazing community.

First lets start with the crew that went out to conquer the Tejas Trails Pandora's Box of Rox trail race.  In this race there was a half marathon, full marathon, and a double marathon on some of the hilliest and rockiest terrain in Texas.  Talk about every step having ankle-rolling rocks and roots and rolling hills that kept you from being able to get any type of pace going.  The name definitely fits!!!

But these four Motiv8ers went after it.  In the picture below you have David Valenti who conquered the Half Marathon. Sara Biggs who killed the Full Marathon while battling some major foot cramps, but didn't let it stop her.  Leslie Elliot who killed the Full Marathon and ran a 3rd place women's finish.  Leslie you are crazy EPIC.  Then Coach Ty who also ran the Full Marathon and pulled off a 3rd place finish overall.  All that speed and strength training is definitely paying off.  The Motiv8 Running Team just absolutely threw down on this race and it's awesome to see all of our training showing in the things we do.

We are so proud of these guys and when you see them give them a huge high five.

Then we had our very own Jeremy Gosnell run the Twisted X 5k in Dripping Springs with his girlfriend, Sandy and her brothers.  They had a great time crushing the course and doing it all for a great cause to help Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary.  Jeremy was there in classic Motiv8 fashion pushing people to their best thru the finish!

Speaking of throwing down, oh my goodness the Saturday 9am SET with Coach Vanessa was ridiculous!  The energy was awesome and the workout was even more awesome!  Vanessa had us guessing the entire time with a workout that was as varied as it was tough.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  Updates in tomorrow's email will have info about our upcoming Saturday SET.

Next Crew don't forget about Buddy Week.  We are only 15 days in on our 30 day challenge.  So many of you have been bringing friends out and we thank you.  Keep spreading the word and help us make Austin one Motiv8ed City!!

Of course we can't forget about the Motiv8 Running Crew's workout at the Hill of Life this Sunday on the Barton Springs Greenbelt.  We had a blast and put in a bunch of miles.  Some did 4 miles, some did hill repeats, and one crew did 12 miles.  So proud of these guys.  More running group runs coming this Sunday and and updates about Motiv8's Running Program coming this Wednesday.  

Trust me you are going to love this!

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