Monday, March 21, 2016

You Thought That Was EPIC?

Hi Motiv8ers,

Coach Ty here again and are you ready for this EPICNESS!?!?!?!?


Crew, our Motiv8ers had one amazing weekend and we had so much fun.  Check this out!!!!

First, if you haven't read last Friday's Blog Post, you know the one right under this post, then stop reading and go check it out for William's story.  William is one CRAZY AMAZING EPIC person and what he did this past Saturday is something I will never forget and is just simple amazing.  William is legally blind and I was his sighted guide for the Prickly Pear 50k Trail race.  A race that was covered in mud, roots, and some steep muddy hills.  And we had a blast.  We finished in 5:52:08 and it was a miracle that we didn't get hurt.  If he doesn't write a race report, I definitely will because that experience was so exciting.  Check out the pic below and read last Friday's Blog post.

Next, the Saturday 9am Dick Nichols workout I heard was so much fun.  Those Motiv8ers had a blast and I know they Motiv8ed the park to be crazy EPIC! 

Then, Sunday came and the ridiculousness began!  We had a small crew of Motiv8ers who went out to tackle the Lost Pines Trail Marathon and 10k.  Below you will see Coach Vanessa, Chris Flores, Nick Voll, Angelo Colon, and Kelsey Murdock.  The first four all ran the Marathon and Kelsey and Courtney Cooper, who I didn't get a pic of, ran the 10k.  These guys had a blast and they all made it to the end in one piece.  The course was crazy hilly and it was two loops of 13.1.  Huge shout out to Angelo, bottom left, for running an even split between the two loops.  That is really hard to do.  We are so proud of you guys.  Enjoy the victory and the soreness and can't wait to see what you guys do next.

Oh and by the way Coach Vanessa got 3rd female over all.  BAM!!! Can you say Pure EPICNESS. Congrats Vanessa!

But, wait the ridiculousness isn't over.  Coach Joe also ran the Marathon but his goal was to win!  Winning this race though wouldn't be easy because the top 5 guys in this race were some really fast runners.  If he was going to win this race, he was going to have to show some real GRIT!  They started and Joe pushed ahead right away.  He said, "If I was going to win that race I had to get up front quick."  And he did.  He came in at the half way at a smoking 1:30, 10 minutes ahead of second.  Then he kept it solid coming in to the finish at 3:06.  3:06!?!?!?!? That is insanely fast and he pulled off the win and PR'd from his last time of 3:25.  Second place came in at 3:20.  Coach Joe smoked that course and showed us that if you train hard, MOTIV8 STYLE, you can make some magic happen and do some EPIC SHIT!  =)

Congrats Joe we are crazy proud of you man!!

Also, Here in Austin yesterday morning, the Motiv8 Running Crew also met.  We did about 3 miles of running through the neighborhoods of Ramsey Park and then had a killer Motiv8 Sprint game.  It was called Motiv8 Mario Kart.  It was so much fun and I promise we will play it again.  And I'll tell the coaches about it to so you can play it in your SETs!

Lastly, Motiv8 had one awesome get together to finish off the weekend, congratulate our Epic Motiv8ers, and have a great time playing games at The Goodnight.  We had free bowling, Karaoke, pool, and ping pong.  Below are a few of the pics.  We had about 40 Motiv8ers come out in all and it was the perfect way to finish off the weekend.  Thank you, Crew, for coming out and having a great time.  We will have another one soon.

Crew, I have learned one very important thing out of my Journey with creating Motiv8 and trying my hardest to help others--The journey is so much better and easier when you have the support from others, from family, and people who believe in you and are there to lift you up at your time of need.

Motiv8ers, do you ever wonder why I use the word crew so much?  This is what that word means.

A group of people that support and push each other to do great things and they will give every thing they have to make their group proud.  A CREW.

Motiv8ers, you are my CREW and together we will do great things and this past weekend shows that!!  =)   All of you are amazing!!!

Crew Stay EPIC and Don't Forget to Be AWESOME!

Coach Ty Out!

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